47 adverbs to describe how to scrambled

A boat was sent off to me, and in answer to the questions of the sailors as to how I came to be in such a plight, I replied that I had been shipwrecked two days before, but had managed to scramble ashore with the bales which I pointed out to them.

" He laid hands on the aeroplane and scrambled aboard.

he cried, as he scrambled wildly for footing.

But the little blind girl scrambled eagerly to her feet.

Soon after starting this morning, we came upon a camp of fifteen or twenty natives, on the bank of a deep reach of water, hemmed in by steep rocky hills, up which they hastily scrambled on our approach, and on reaching the summit, tried by various gestures to express their disapproval of our visit, but would not hold any parley with us.

Then Manuel seemed perturbed, and he called Melicent to him, and she obediently scrambled into her father's lap.

Then "the Books" were brought in by the stately beadle, and last of all "the Doctor" came hurriedly in, scrambled awkwardly up the pulpit stair, and covered his face with his black gloved hands.

It was very different from the cosy little bedrooms at The Birches; but the three friends were glad to be allowed to undress in peace and quiet, and had scrambled safely into bed some time before the prefect put in an appearance to turn out the light.

One of the most reprehensible of the latter is to get into a flurry and scramble madly through a mass of facts without regard to their relation to each other.

His Honour Mr. Justice Hodson entered, and the persons in the court scrambled hurriedly to their feet to pay their tribute of respect to British law, as exemplified in the person of a stout red-faced old gentleman wearing a scarlet gown and black sash, and attended by four of the Sheriffs of London in their fur-trimmed robes.

Now he was so panic-stricken that he scrambled frantically out.

A recent critic has said: "The actual forward movement of the plot does not begin until the sentence, 'In a long ramble of the kind on a fine autumnal day, Rip had unconsciously scrambled to one of the highest parts of the Kaatskill Mountains.'"

Old Mizzou shouted something, and scrambled excitedly to the house.

By this time the rutty roads were almost ankle deep in mud, so when I was invited to ride, I gladly scrambled to the top of the pile, and so jogged along; my good-natured guide trudging at the side, pipe in mouth, regardless of the weather.

But they must get back that faith, if they wish to keep that wealth and prosperity after which every one scrambles so greedily now-a-days; for those who forget God are treading, they and their children after them, not, as they fancy, the road to richesthey are treading the road to ruin.

Then she stopped, with finger in her mouth, while Caesar scrambled headlong into the tide; for Noel was standing on the beach pointing at a brown sail far down in the deep bay, where Southeast Brook came singing from the green wilderness.

They gazed at him with wild seriousness as he approached them, and when he began to climb they scrambled up higher.

Incidentally, I shall scramble up all the rest of the eggs I find and eat them myself.

Wutzler, crawling out from the jars, scrambled joyfully up the bank.

Oil it well; break the requisite number of eggs separately, and turn each carefully into the dish; sprinkle lightly with salt; set the dish in the oven or in a steamer over a kettle of boiling water for a few minutes until the eggs are set, then serve. SCRAMBLED EGGS.Beat four eggs lightly, add a little salt if desired, and half a cup of milk or cream.

They were tired, some of them, after a long march, but they grinned back cheery answers to my greetings, and scrambled merrily for the few packets of cigarettes I tossed to them.

" The small boy scrambled over nimbly, ran squirrel-like across the transverse fence, dipped, swarmed over the iron railing and stood on guard.

The rest of the heap was noisily scrambled for by the people who had been witnesses of this allegorical performance.

As long as self is uppermost in the minds of men, they will fear and hate other men, and under socialism there would be precisely the same scramble for place and power that we see in politics now.

He scrambled to his feet now promptly, and fell into step with her quick-treading advance.

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