14 adverbs to describe how to serene

All was greengreen, the fresh and hopeful color, strangely serene and sweet and endless under the azure sky.

No person can't be perfec', an' when I see people always outwardly serene, I mistrust their insides.

As one is evenly beautiful, divinely serene, bewitchingly winning, so is the other sunny, cerulean, balmy, paradisiacal.

This was an old man, with a mind and faith exceedingly serene.

And then those glorious bicycle rides in the long summer evenings, when, scarcely had the sun gone down beyond the ridge of rolling uplands than the moon, almost at the full, and gorgeously serene, cast her soft, mysterious light upon a silent world.

" It appears to us like the ecstatic union of natural beauty and poetic fancy, and in its playful sublimity resembles the azure canopy mirrored in the smiling waters, bright, liquid, serene, heavenly!

the sea, how implacably serene, how remorselessly beautiful; green along the shore, purple along the horizon!

St. Mark's is built in the cruciform style, is mildly elaborate, and moderately serene in outline; but there is nothing very remarkable about any part of it.

You can feel the quietude, see the stillness; it is "tranquil and herd-likeas in the pasture'forty feeding like one;'" it is sadly serene, placidly mysterous, like the "uncommunicating muteness of fishes;" and you wonder how it is kept up.

I thought he was contented, even if sluggishly serene.'

All the conviction of her soul and faith she projected into that single word and serene smileall that was love and woman in her opposing death.

During the whole voyage, he experienced nothing but sensations of delight; the atmosphere being only disturbed by very light wind, just sufficient to waft the aeronauts without any laborious management, and the timeeveningbeing beautifully serene.

On the following day, likewise, a similar tempest separated the armies marshalled on the same ground; but after they had retired to their camps the weather became wonderfully serene and tranquil.

The evening was deliciously serene, the stars shone with extraordinary brilliancy, and the sky appeared intensely blue, while the galaxy, or milky way, beamed like a splendid stream of light across the azure expanse.

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