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107 adverbs to describe how to  shorted  - Adverbs for  shorted

107 adverbs to describe how to shorted

" Immediately the unwilling permission for them to do as they pleased had been given, the men set about making ready for the advance as if each moment was of the greatest value, and in an incredibly short time after General Herkimer had been bullied into agreeing to that which his better judgment told him to be wrong, the company was ready for the march.

This is according to all past history: and do not, therefore, count upon an exception in your favour, that would be little short of the miraculous.

This fragmentary ice-sheet, and the immense glaciers about Mount St. Elias, together with the multitude of separate river-like glaciers that load the slopes of the coast mountains, evidently once formed part of a continuous ice-sheet that flowed over all the region hereabouts, and only a comparatively short time ago extended as far southward as the mouth of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, probably farther.

"However agreeable you find them, Miss Eve, they fall infinitely short of the truth.

In a surprisingly short time the whole mass began to move.

"Professor Challis, the director, is exceedingly short, thick-headed (in appearance), and, like many of the English, thick-tongued.

To lessen the fear which they entertained of the length of way they had to sail, he gave out that they had only proceeded fifteen leagues that day, when the actual distance sailed was eighteen; and, to induce the people to believe that they were not so far from Spain as they really were, he resolved to keep considerably short in his reckoning during the whole voyage, though he carefully recorded the true reckoning every day in private.

Distinguished generals like Gorgei, Klapka, Damjanics, and Bem transformed the raw recruits, in a wonderfully short time, into properly disciplined troops, who were able to hold their own and bravely contend against the old and tried imperial forces whom they put to flight at every point.

Then I saw next the Waterstons, then Miss Lander; but I was unusually short of friends, I generally meet so many more.

She came to London a stranger, a plain schoolmistress from Bristol, and yet in a marvellously short time she was one of the best known characters in the ranks of the wise and great.

In an inconceivably short while, I had reached an altitude of many hundred feet.

As the process of digestion in carnivorous animals is extremely simple, these organs are found to be remarkably short, seldom exceeding the length of the animal's body; while, where digestion is more difficult, from the unassimilating nature of the aliment, as in the ruminant order, the alimentary canal, as is the case with the sheep, is twenty-seven times the length of the body.

It was the only room in the house that was not too warm, for here the window was occasionally openeda proceeding which the countess considered scarcely short of criminal.

Our own trenches here were on a higher level than the enemy's, and the bottom of the valley between the Tamburo and this part of the Volconiac was in No Man's Land, as was a relatively short slope on the Tamburo and a relatively long slope on the Volconiac.

In an astonishingly short space of time the friar returned, accompanied by two men, who had the air of indoor servants and the quiet movements of street-bred, roof-ridden humanity.

[1140] To him as a writer might be generally applied what he said of Rochester:'His pieces are commonly short, such as one fit of resolution would produce.'

It is not the business of the Secretary of State to look exclusively at India, though I will confess to you for myself that during the moderately short time I have held my present office, I have kept my eye upon India constantly, steadfastly, and with every desire to learn the whole truth upon every situation as it arose.

How the Italians had managed to get all these lorries and tractors for us, I don't know, for, in the Third Army as a whole, they were terribly short of transport.

In an amazingly short time they struck the more placid footing of the valley, and Sinclair, looking up, could not believe that he had been so short a time ago at the top of the flat-crested mountain.

Pinnรฆ lanceolate, pinnatifid, the lowest pairs gradually shorter and deflexed.

Believing, evidently, that the ridiculously short time to elapse before the stroke of noon announced the expiration of the forty-eight-hour period would effectually prevent any mature consideration or discussion of their proposals, the premier, Samsamu's-Saltana, caused to be presented to the deputies a resolution authorizing the cabinet to accept Russia's demands.

The time was so pitifully short now.

The horse, who had never received such a blow before in his life, stopped dead short, falling back almost on to his haunches, then reared straight up and in a moment of temper tried to throw her off; indeed, she must have fallen but Ida, always cool at such moments, swept sideways, caught Adonis's bridle and brought him on all fours.

He was decidedly short with Piers when he reappeareda fact which in no way disturbed his grandson's equanimity.

" "Shall I put my plug into the barn?" "We're mighty short of hay," said Mintie inhospitably.

I felt certain from the experience we had gained of Mr. Schwab's wonderful energy and power, as illustrated by the work accomplished by him in providing us in 1915 with ten submarines built in the extraordinarily short period of five months, that he would produce sloops at a very rapid rate and that there would be no delay in starting if he undertook the work.

Your father and I think he's very nice, dear, but he's awfully short, isn't he?

Certainly the men of the little Yukon camp began to find their rations horribly short commons, and to suffer a continual hunger, never wholly appeased.

If Sylvia wondered, as she dropped down the heights to the valley, what her reception might be at her aunt's ceremonious household when she entered escorted by a strange hatless man in blue overalls, her fancy fell immeasurably short of the actual ensuing sensation.

These men of Tyre brought with them their old home-love of commercial enterprise and maritime adventure; and, in a marvelously short time, Carthage took high rank among the nations of the world; and it was conceded, by one of the most renowned philosophers of Greece, that it enjoyed one of the most perfect governments of antiquity.

The brevity is brought out by comparison with something that is noticeably short or small.

Already the days had become perceptibly shorter, and there was also a feeling of fall in the air, for summer is not long in this latitude.

It is from this double cause that our memory is so short; and a man's recollection of what has happened always becomes proportionately shorter, the more things that have occupied him in life.

I'm a trifle short, now.

The family was all sitting together in Mrs. Carey's room, the announced intention being to hold an important meeting of the Ways and Means Committee, the Careys being strong on ways and uniformly short on means.

The boys were suddenly able to take much longer steps than usual and a little more rapidly too, and swinging round toward the teams as soon as possible, for they already had some fears that an arrow might be sticking in their backs in an unpleasantly short space of time, for the Indians were good travelers.

And Julius, with the outlines of the others, was Albino, with transparent skin mantling with colour that contrasted with his snowy hair, eyebrows, and the lashes, veiling eyes of a curious coral hue, really not unpleasing under their thick white fringes, but most inconveniently short of sight, although capable of much work; in fact, he was a curiously perfect pink-and-white edition of his dark and bronzed brother the sailor.

Therefore, the title should be effective, and since it is essentially short, it should be concise, laconic, pregnant, and if possible express the contents in a word.

Thorax narrowed in front, rounded on the sides and somewhat truncated behind; scutellum triangular, with a notched projection at the base; elytra very short, one-third the length of the body, wide at the base, narrowed at the tip; legs heteromerous, rather short, all the thighs compressed, claws simple.

The Dunraven, in her character of a merchant ship, replied with an after gun, firing intentionally short, made a smoke screen, and reduced speed slightly to allow the submarine to close.

She is always either exhausted with the heat of the sun, or frozen with cold, or the evening is so tedious, she wants it to be bedtime, or if there is any unusual gaiety going on, she quarrels with the same length of evening, because it is so intolerably short; and, in short, she is never truly happy but when she is surrounded by admirers, whether men or women.

In all such syllables the sound cannot be lengthened: they are necessarily and invariably short.

"The calf-crop is running kinda short," he announced hurriedly.

They swarm during the rains; and, when their tough webs are wet, those that lead from the wire to the ground sometimes effectually short circuit the wire.

"We've known each other such a ludicrously short timebut a few hours.

This was manifestly too short a time in which to study the fundamental questions to which the researchers had addressed themselves.

"I expect we're going to find out now how dreadfully short twenty minutes can be," said Janet Ferry to Jarvis, beside whom she stood, an attractively put-up basket of hot-house grapes in her hand.

Maybe craps way short; the rills Couldn't turn the silent mills; But the light's behind the hills, Here's hopin'!

His breathing, but a short time before distressedly short and catching, was now so slow and deeply regular that for one brief moment the thought flashed across our mind that he was dead.

There she fell miserably short of the true heroic height.

"Even if the capital's foundif everything's ready for work, the summer's damn short.

the fowls of heaven have wings, And blasts of heaven will aid their flight; They mounthow short a voyage brings 45 The wanderers back to their delight!

His pointed and lucid style gave to his printed performances a semblance of cogency which they did not really possess; and his letterseven his shortest noteswere as exquisite in wording as in penmanship.

"Excuse me, sir," I said, driven now to the last extremity, "butbut I have an engagement whichin short, I will, if you please, make out a list ofof these items, ascertaining the correct amount of each; and when once paid, I will endeavorI mean, it is my earnest desire, toto limit my expenditure strictly toin short, to study economy for the future.

Life is odiously short at the best, and it is mere imbecility to fritter away any of our scanty portion upon the dead, who can never be any the better for our tears.

But it was very laborious, and the intervals between successive breakdowns grew ominously shorter and shorter.

" These things move slowly on paper, but the greeting was to me painfully short, there being of it not more than a minuteful, I should say.

But of course this was wickedly short of the truth.

Colonel Musgrave continued to emanate an air of contentment which fell perilously short of fatuity; and that Patricia was honestly fond of him was evident to the most impecunious of Lichfield's bachelors.

It's confoundedly short.

Bivouacked in an open grassy plain six miles short of the river.

The latter, after a short pause, resumed his narrative, though, either from weariness or some other cause, it was observed that his voice was far less positive than before, and that his tale was cut prematurely short.

The State of Ohio was not yet born when the wisest of men and purest of patriots uttered that prophecy; and God the Almighty has made the prophecy true, by annexing, in a prodigiously short period, more stars to the proud constellation of your Republic, and increasing the lustre of every star more powerfully, than Washington could have anticipated in the brightest moments of his patriotic hopes.

Fuel is woefully short.

Holding his rapier short, with the point towards his adversary's face, Jocelyn retreated a few paces at first, but then, charging in turn, speedily won back his ground.

The Sunday school was chronically short of teachers, and yet J.W., Sr., and the other reformers insisted on taking out of the regular classes the best teachers in the school, and a score of the most promising young people.

And then the little lives cut relentlessly short, how does that fit in?

Kneeling down again, we manage, after a few castsluckily short of our fishto drop the fly a foot above him.

Time, happily, is merciful, and men's memories are benignly short.

Though it is too often of sadly short duration, every man has his "good time" for a few blissful seconds during life.

The doctor's reading of character and detective powers were barely short of the miraculous, and his management of refractory students became so well known that many who had been expelled from the other universities were sent to Union and graduated with credit, so that the college acquired the nickname of "Botany Bay."

Each day now brought its hours of blissful meeting, so seemingly short that the Princess would throw her arms around her "hawker's" neck and implore him to stay a little longer.

The concluding chapter in a novel is always brief, though seldom so short as the world would have it.

Sometimes in the silent night, when the present does not glare at one, the past comes back to me dimly, and I seem to have lived two lives: one long, one shorttoo short.

Meanwhile, almost unobserved by the peoples of Serbia and Montenegro, Austria had, in order to reconcile the Turks with the loss of their provinces, good-naturedly, but from the Austrian point of view short-sightedly, withdrawn its garrisons from the sandjak of Novi-Pazar, thus evacuating the long-coveted corridor which was the one thing above all else necessary to Serbia and Montenegro for the realization of their plans.

This company speedily ending its life, was followed by another in 1631 with a similarly short career; and in 1651 the African privilege was granted for a time to the East India Company.

The body should be long, square, and massive, loins strong and well filled; chest deep and broad; legs quite straight, somewhat short in proportion to the length of the body, and powerful, with round bone well covered with muscle; feet large, round, and close.

Good people have a habit, however, of going to sleep in an astoundingly short time; but the gang never sleeps.

" He reappeared again in a suspiciously short time for one who had to change outright, and the men admired his endurance and paid up the bet.

TAILRather short, say from eight inches to ten inches, and covered on the upper side with wiry hair of darker colour than that of the body, the hair on the under side being lighter in colour, and not so wiry, with a nice feather, about two inches long, getting shorter as it nears the tip; rather thick at the root, getting thicker for about four inches, then tapering off to a point.

Many others, of which the eye and the hand are notable examples, compel belief with a force not appreciably short of demonstration.

To let themparticularly the shorter of the raysenter the eye is to invite trouble.

Ther shortest way's always ther best in this country, so let's go ahead," said Jerry.

It has taken toll of at least one life of every family that has lived therehowever short the timeand since it has stood empty caretaker after care-taker has died there.

and this evening, after the Bazaar, to a few younger sisters of the battery whom she would ask to linger for a last waltz with their young heroes, she would announce her engagement and her purpose to be wed in a thrillingly short time.

They are knowing in muriate, and nitrate, and chlorine, While the stains gather fast on the walls and the flooring And the jellies and pickles fall wofully short, With their chemical use of the still and retort.

It remains to say, all the same, that this little volume is in the main a sincere and obviously well-informed account of the doings of the men of our air services, full of incident and achievement utterly beyond belief an unbelievably short time ago.

It made an uncannily short bridge to the past, a trivial reminder like that.

As our stores were now running uncomfortably short, this "Boycotting" system was anything but pleasant.

In an uncommonly short while the ekkas were parked, with the landau, close to the boats and under strict watch, while all harness was brought on board my dounga, just in time, as native officials of some sort romped up and claimed the ekkas, and threatened to beat my servants.

Let men attempt such tactics, and their shrift is uncomplimentarily short.

The living and the dead were heard falling alike into the sea, and in an unconceivably short space of time, the decks of the Coquette were free.

" "Indeed," said Betty calmly, "And who, pray, has done me that honor, in this city, where I am but a recent comer?" "Precisely what I remarked; the acquaintance has been, perhaps, unduly short.

Leonard Chadwick wrote briefly and hurriedly, but in good-natured terms; he was really very sorry indeed that he could do so little; the fact was, just now he stood on anything but good terms with his father, who kept him abominably short of cash.

But Paula fell unmistakably short of winning the smashing success she had so ardently hoped for.

Then, too, I noticed that one of them had unnaturally short antlers.

The judges' rounds were getting yearly shorter and shorter.

When Herr Ermenrich began to descend, the boy thought that the flight had lasted an unreasonably short time.

On the whole the Annals were beyond question the work in which Ennius fell farthest short of his aim.

So every fit of anger is something commonevery unrestrained display of joy, or of hate, or fearin short, every form of emotion; in other words, every movement of the will, if it's so strong as decidedly to outweigh the intellectual element in consciousness, and to make the man appear as a being that wills rather than knows.