42 adverbs to describe how to shuffles

" Pap shuffled his feet uneasily.

Brutus dropped the coat he was folding, and shuffled forward hastily.

Its name accords well with the character of the "early times" in California, and may perhaps have been suggested by the predominant color of the metamorphic slates in which it is in great part eroded; or more probably by blood-stains made by the unfortunate animals which were compelled to slip and shuffle awkwardly over its rough, cutting rocks.

"Out," he muttered huskily, "you're a brick!" West made no reply, but his feet shuffled nervously on the hearth.

"I renewed my protests, and, retiring to the darkest corner, shuffled noisily about the brick floor.

Abraham shuffled uncomfortably from one foot to the other; then, muttering something about the "pesky apple-hook," went scuffing across the floor in the direction of the chimney.

Their raiment was scanty and soiled; their frames and countenances alike bespoke fatigue and hardship; but while the elder one moved with moderate alacrity, the other shuffled painfully along by the help of a staff, shrinking every time that he placed either of his feet on the ground.

And he shuffled angrily from the room.

Nogam lingered another moment, then shuffled wearily down the steps and toward the nearest corner.

He moistened his lips and shuffled his feet restlessly.

Again the fateful cards were shuffled deliberately, placed in their mysterious combination, with the same ominous result.

We learn to live life and to waste no energy in vain wishing that we had shuffled differently.

" So the two went out, Abonus shuffling his feet disagreeably.

Overhead began a restlessness in the clouds, as of a giant drowsily shuffling off some of his bedclothes; but as yet he slept, and only the silver bosom of his spouse, the moon, was uncovered.

The cards were effectually shuffled, for before any further steps could be taken Mary had died.

Until a quarter to three he expertly shuffled and dawdled and evaded.

I did not want him, and he disregarded me and shuffled grumpily down the hill-side.

Orso shuffled along humbly as if it did not make any difference to him where he went, and when I reached the woods I entered it by an old cart-road, and soon struck off to one side among some heavy underbrush.

And in the dance sae sprightly He'll cut and shuffle lightly, 'Tis true, were he not mine!

"But are you his?" It made Keith walk home alone the next day, and as he shuffled along listlessly, the almost obliterated memory of Harald came back to him.

Being disappointed in his hopes of profit, he shuffled out of the concern as meanly as any higgler could have done who had found himself in a profitless business with a disreputable partner.

He shuffled the cards mechanically, his eyes fixed on the opposite wall.

I had always supposed that armadillos merely shuffled along, and curled up for protection when menaced; and I was almost as surprised as if I had seen a turtle gallop when these two armadillos bounded off at a run, going as fast as rabbits.

You belong with the last, and got accidentally shuffled in with the others.

Upon myself Mrs. Potts was never to call in vain, for to me she was an important card miraculously shuffled into the right place in the game.

42 adverbs to describe how to  shuffles  - Adverbs for  shuffles