41 adverbs to describe how to shy

He was until late in his teens painfully shy with grown people and strangers; even under the eyes of his aunts and with youths of his own age, diffident to awkwardness.

We had ridden for near an hour, and I was deep in my own thoughts, when I heard something breaking its way through the underbrush, and the next moment my horse shied violently as a negro stumbled blindly into the road and collapsed into a heap before he had taken half a dozen steps along it.

The red fox and bobcat, a little pressed by hunger, will eat of any other animal's kill, but will not ordinarily touch what dies of itself, and are exceedingly shy of food that has been manhandled.

They, too, seemed to be unusually shy.

He is seldom killed by hunters, for he is too small to encourage much of their attention, and when pursued in settled regions becomes excessively shy, and keeps close in the furrows of the highest trunks, many of which are of the same color as himself.

His new privilege, a lover's, a husband's, was not an hour old; he felt strangely shy as he spoke softly to her.

" "No, I'll go alone," said his partner; "Smith's a very shy manpainfully shy.

The more he talked of what I wished to hear, the more idiotically shy I felt and the more impossible it became to me to ask one of the many questions or make one of the many remarks (foolish very likely, but what would that have signified?) which were filling my mind.

and, when maids, were fantastically shy; permit freedoms in public from their uxorious husbands, which have shown, that both of them have forgotten what belongs either to prudence or decency?

Great wife of his great heart'tis yours to mourn, Son well-beloved, 'tis yours, who loved him so: But we!hath death one perfect page out-torn From the great song whereby alone we know The splendid spirit imperiously shy, Husband to you and fatherwe afar

Have you not been impoliticly shy of her?

He became increasingly shy and uncomfortable.

Therefore his friends, unless a special commission be given to them for that purpose, feel unwilling to break the gay circle of conviviality, and are individually shy of asking for what almost every one wishes.

I kinda shy at any contract the size uh that one.

Very likely rather a young terror in his way: shy before elders, but a desperate wag with his contemporaries.

When I told her my love, She was maidenly shy, And she bit at her glove.

It's a mighty shy bird and doesn't tell any one what it means to do.

As a bringer of the tidings, and a stockholder in the company, she had risen to be a person of importance, with the result that she was even more modestly shy than before, although in her heart she liked it; but more delightful yet was the spirit of holiday activity which inspired and pervaded the place.

He might beit seemed likelyone of those men who conceal the good as well as the bad in themselves, one of the morally shy men.

If you are through with that cup, I will take the things back," and nonchalantly shying the bits of the broken plate into the bushes, he went toward the refreshment tent, saying to his host, Mrs. Jenks-Smith, who was inquiring for Sylvia: "Yes, she is yonder in the second arbour.

The girls disposed themselves at a little distanceyour mountain-bred young female is ever obviously shy, almost to prudery.

Tommy was oddly shy about mentioning her name; he would have preferred Elspeth to mention it: and Elspeth had misgivings that this was so, with the result that neither could say "Grizel" without wondering what was in the other's mind.

but ye needna be ower shy.'

I beg pardon: you used to be soso remarkably shy.

Old Dobbin shied restively.

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