168 adverbs to describe how to sleeped

My delight was inexpressible, therefore, when I perceived that he still breathed, and when, on drawing nearer, I found that he slept soundly.

He was sleeping peacefully.

Peace, thou wicked Limb of Satanbut for you, Gentlewoman, since you are so tarmagant, that your own natural Husband cannot please you, who, though I say it, am as quiet a Bed-fellow, and sleep as sweetly, for one of my years, as any in SpainI'll keep you to hard meat, i'faith.

"Sir," she whispered, "you are very, very tired, and will sleep heavily.

At length she released him, for now they were all beginning to lie down by the fire to sleep, as it was getting dark; Martin being very tired settled himself down among them, and as one of the women threw a skin over him he slept very comfortably.

He slept badly, was growing moody and quick to take offence.

Yes, there he was, calmly sleeping, with the gray blanket of the screen thrown up for air.

I slept about six hours most profoundly; and on waking, found the good Brahmin busy with his calculations of our progress.

Whether the savage actually meditated any such act of treachery, was not known; but if he approached the hut with a murderous purpose, he was probably deterred more by the fierce growlings of Fingalwho lay at the entrance, but scarcely slept that nightthan by the barrier of boughs and deerskin.

methinks I now could sleep awhile."

I must confess that, comfortable as my room was, I slept very little.

I put myself fearlessly into the loving depths thereof, engraved with lines of life, and slept securely there.

I was soon to understand why the commander slept so lightly, and to learn for the first time that even patriots may be insubordinate.

How he could have slept on, with such an infernal roaring as that donkey made in those old woods, six or eight miles outside of a fence, is more than I can comprehend.

" "She must be sleeping very deeply," the brother said; and as he spoke, he cautiously uplifted a fold of the hangings.

The motion of the vehicle, the warmth of the day, and the odorous breath of flowers and shrubs gradually dulled his mischievous spirits, and he slept tranquilly until the carriage drew up at the wharf at Harrison's Landing, whence, taken on a primitive ferry, they in an hour or more arrived at a long wooden pier extending into the river.

My body was too sore to suffer me to sleep dreamlessly, but my dreams were pleasant.

Ahmi, ahmi, sleep little one, softly. Where, where, where is my own?

Everything she got he gave her; he seldom slept; and often I saw his small, shrewd eyes out of the darkness, fixed on her.

This was a great convenience, for immediately after the paper was put to bed, the dawn would lower the thermometer from 96° to almost 84° for half an hour, and in that chillyou have no idea how cold is 84° on the grass until you begin to pray for ita very tired man could get off to sleep ere the heat roused him.

Upstairs, "I sleep here in the dormitory," said the Brother, "and I live with the pupilsas much as I can.

Restlessly the old man slept; perchance he saw the piercing eyes that were, fixed upon him, for he muttered of the road to the land of spirits.

But we slept safely all night, while the stars sparkled over the chasm, and slips of misty cloud hung low on the thousand pinnacles of rock.

It was warm weather, the beginning of May, I think, and the plan was to sleep ashore every night.

But fortunately he sleeps motionless, like one physically tired out, perchance after dragging bales about the dock sheds since early morn or wandering all day round the city with heavy loads upon his head.

168 adverbs to describe how to  sleeped  - Adverbs for  sleeped
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