7 adverbs to describe how to slouch

Trendon slouched low in the chair on Slade's right.

But as he slouched comfortably upon his counter and listened to Miss Caroline's condescending exposition of her needs, he became sensible of a strange influence stealing upon him.

Mr. Phinuit disconsolately slouched back into the room.

With a sad and lingering backward look Pringle slouched abjectly through the wide-arched doorway to the bar.

And as I slouched past and craned my neck there came a touch to my elbow, and there was a lady dressed all in black standing by the steps, and I knew that it was my cousin Edie.

His sombrero was slouched down sidewise, his gloved hands were folded across his knees, his body sagged a little to one side, his head drooped.

Next came a fox, slouching warily and cautiously along; then a couple of lean, hungry-looking jackals; next a sharp patter on the crisp dry leaves, and several peafowl with resplendent plumage ran rapidly past.

7 adverbs to describe how to  slouch  - Adverbs for  slouch