57 adverbs to describe how to smiting

" If a Jew smote his neighbor, the law merely smote him in return.

I know not the name of the Saxon who ran upon him in the stour, but the king smote him so fiercely that he died.

And Pipa's heart smote her sorely, remembering the notes.

So Sir Launcelot rode to that basin where it hung and he smote upon it very violently with the butt of his spear.

" Ormsby smote softly upon the edge of the table with an extended forefinger.

The great heat of the sun upon his back makes him irritable, and when Miss POTTS sharply smites with her fan the knuckles of the hand which he has affably extended to take her by the chin, more than the usual symptoms of acute inflammation appear at the end of his nose, and he blows hurriedly upon his wounded digits.

He drew his sword, and as the Roman, with brand raised high above his head, prepared to strike, Gawain smote swiftly at the lifted limb.

His bailly smote more terribly with the sword than ever they were stricken, so that three hundred horsemen and over lay dead upon the field.

and the distress in his face smote Mercy bitterly.

And then I had the steering-oar by the middle, and was smiting downward with the loom over the side of the boat; but the thing was gone from my sight.

And if a Man would thoroughly consider how much worse than Banishment it must be to his Child, to ride by the Estate which should have been his had it not been for his Fathers Injustice to him, he would be smitten with the Reflection more deeply than can be understood by any but one who is a Father.

He doubts if this masculinity will "smite more effectually their male beholders," for how would the sweet creatures themselves be affected "should they meet a man on horseback, in his breeches and jack-boots, and at the same time dressed up in a commode[A] and a night raile?"

" And as he spoke, he drew back his massive arm and with his open hand smote Donnegan heavily across the face.

"Incuriously he smites the armored king And tricks his counsellors" "True, O God!" murmured the tiny woman, who sat beside the window yonder.

he said genially, and picking up a bit of board, fallen from the side of the shed, he smote the mustang mightily along the ribs.

It smote her painfully when her father and mother talked about the gipsies and vagabonds that dwelt in the dark spot of ground.

These points perpetually smote upon the heart of Mr. Falkland.

But at once the mental picture of herself, making inaudible carping strictures on her companion's sootiness and, all unconscious, lifting to observe it a critical countenance as swart as his ownthe incongruity smote her deliciously, irresistibly!

* Had Abraham Lincoln died from any of the numerous ills to which flesh is heir; had he reached that good old age to which his rigorous constitution and his temperate habits gave promise; had he been permitted to see the end of his great work; had the solemn curtain of death come down but gradually, we should still have been smitten with a heavy grief and treasured his name lovingly.

He rose to his feet, and hastening to his squire, smote him so grievously with an oar, that he fell senseless on the deck.

Even when standing on the cold floor while she remade the bed he maintained an attitude of unbending dignity, only relaxing when she smote him light-heartedly with the bolster.

Tho' men may wound him that he will not die, But pass, again to come, and then or now Utterly smite the heathen under foot, Till these and all men hail him for their king.' . . . . .

Come now, one and all, draw, and swear me on your swords:To make your strength a shelter to the weak; to smite henceforth but in honourable cause for freedom, for justice and Pentavalonswear me upon your swords to abide by this oath, and to him that breaks itDeath.

"I am afraid so," she said; "but I had almost rather he were honestly smitten with the young one than that he believed in Camilla.

Forgive me for my presumption, and forget it if you can;" and he turned away, smiting his brow impatiently.

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