87 adverbs to describe how to snapping

At the same moment the bonds of the captive snapped asunder, and, projected by an impetus which kept him clear of the perpendicular precipice, he alighted at an infinite depth on a sun-flecked greensward amid young ash and oak, where he long lay deprived of sense and motion.

"'You would not?' he snapped viciously.

The third time he prodded Kazan with it, and the dog snarled and snapped savagely at the end of it.

he snapped angrily.

"And Paul?" "You never hear of Paul going into any of the cottages," snapped Steinmetz sharply.

"Well, where are those papers, then?" snapped Mortlake impatiently.

This result was simply owing to the fact that Dick, after firing, handed the rifle to the Indians without renewing the cap; so that when they loaded and attempted to fire, of course it merely snapped.

" "Disgraceful!" snapped Maud indignantly.

The bait, dangled before avaricious eyes, was eagerly snapped up, and when Lorenzo backed up his proposition by munificently mounting each embassy, and by the promise of knighthood upon the return of the ambassadors, scarcely a man of those nominated held back.

A fourth tune the Voice came to them faintly, and she snapped fiercely at some unseen thing in the darkness between the two rocks.

His eyes were positively snapping with vigour and excitement, for he loved a fight for a fight's sake.

"Electricity," Mac snapped out promptly.

Too sudden a check would inevitably snap the cable.

He snaps you up bitterly, because he will be offended, and tells you, you are saucy and troublesome, and sometimes takes your money in this language.

For the first time in his life Kazan felt the terror and the pain of the death-grip, and with a mighty effort he flung his head a little forward and snapped blindly.

Then, abruptly, he snapped out: "Who was responsible for that crazy business of you coming out into the open?" "Me," said the girl.

She, doubtless, being a wise bird, would greedily snap up this nice worm who had waxed fat in the richest soil.

Brenda snapped sideways at her shoulder, but was not checked.

Fangs that would have torn his throat open snapped harmlessly.

She went boldly snapping electric switches, for her going was a sort of assertion of her right to independent action.

ails and wriggled beside him in the bracken, and small Prat softly snapped his fingers; so waited they with ears on the stretch and eyes that glared ever to the north.

For Madame de St. André I care less than nothing," he said, snapping his fingers carelessly.

"Eet ees for you to obey," snapped Trego excitedly.

And with these branches to be for cross-pieces, and our belts and the straps for binders, I set the trees together into a raft, and made it pretty good for our need, and so that no monstrous thing in the river should have chance to snap upward between the trees at my dear One.

"Look at that, Jake Storms, and tell me, did he put it into your head to come up here and clean my enclosures out, so as to rob me of the work of nearly two years?" The man started when he allowed his eyes to fall upon the face on the card; but recovering his nerve instantly, he laughed harshly and hurriedly snapped: "I tell yuh, it's on the wrong track yuh are, boy."

87 adverbs to describe how to  snapping  - Adverbs for  snapping
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