74 adverbs to describe how to sparing

Before her task was finished Miss Nightingale had taken the fever herself, but her life was mercifully spared.

Scarcely a tree is spared, even the soil is scraped away, while the thousands of uprooted pines and spruces are piled upon one another heads downward, and tucked snugly in along the sides of the clearing in two windrows, like lateral moraines.

Caesar's charge against him was that he was holding Egypt and other countries that he had not drawn by lot, had killed Sextus (whom he would willingly have spared, he said), and by deceiving and binding the Armenian king had caused much ill repute to attach to the Roman people.

The Library of Parliament, occupying a separate structure in the rear of the building wrecked, was fortunately spared by the fire.

In the largest families more than two or three children were seldom spared, and as they were a prolific race, their not nursing the sacrificed innocents made for more frequent births.

There was not likely to be much that could be safely spared to back up a Franco-British offensive on the Plateau.

How generously he spared the life of Saul!

"At one time we came upon a sight I would gladly have spared herthe spectacle of some wrinkled hags strangling a dog by the light of a fire.

MARMADUKE Spare me awhile that greeting.

What was of nearly equal importance, the age of the pond had prevented any recent accumulation of vegetable matter, and consequently spared those who laboured around the spot, the impurities of atmosphere usually consequent on its decay.

Squanto's forfeited life was thus providentially spared; and the conduct of Bradford was, through Mooanam's good offices, overlooked b the Sagamore.

Coom a day when that's plain to her, an' she'd spare naught to save 'im fra the ghost o' danger.

All orders of men were involved in this calamity, and the priests and monks, who had been commonly spared in the domestic quarrels of the Heptarchy, were the chief objects on which the Danish idolators exercised their rage and animosity.

"Do you not think, sir, that your daughter might profitably spare a few hours every day toward the completion of her education?

'Few,' he says, 'have reason to complain of nature as unkindly sparing of the gifts of memory ...

Thou art a mighty man-at-arms, my lord, and terrible in war, meseemeth, Omethinks thou wilt make a goodly duke indeed!" "Mayhap," he answered heavily, "mayhap, an God spare me long enough.

Now, what can you render unto the Lord for all his mercies towards you; ought not the life God has so graciously spared be in gratitude consecrated to his service?

Perchance, too, on the other hand, many old maids and young persons, not to mention ecclesiastics and vigilance societies, would have been spared manifold pious ejaculations and gasps of horror.

hadst Thou spared Had Thy great mercy let us, hand in hand, Have toiled through houseless shame, on beggar's dole, I had been blest: Thou hast him, Lord, Thou hast him Do with us what Thou wilt!

Coming to be past work through infirmities of age, the old man has to face the probability of the parish poorhouse, and reconciling himself to his lot is happily spared the sore trial: "Daily he placed the Workhouse in his view!

Chloe was rarely spared to go to the hidden cottage, where her attendance upon Rosa was no longer necessary; but Tom came once a week, as he always had done, to do whatever jobs or errands the inmates required.

She was arranging to give Prue a disappointment merely to spare herself.

Most assuredly the very 'disputable' rendering of [Greek: homoousion] by consubstantial, or of one substance with, not only might have been spared, but should have been superseded.

Here is also an obelisk erected to the memory of Gleichen himself, the founder of these gardens; and a monument to the memory of Kepler, the astronomer; which latter was luckily spared in the assault of this town by the French in 1809.

To spare him annoyance, no matter how much his conduct might grieve herthat was the Greek idea of conjugal devotionall on one side.

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