51 adverbs to describe how to spat

They had been coughing and spitting intermittently, but now, suddenly, it seemed to me that it was as if someone had kicked the lid off the fireworks factory and dropped a lighted torch inside.

He is [Greek] (the slanderer); Satan, the spiteful adversary; the old snake or dragon, hissing out lies, and spitting forth venom of calumnious accusation; the accuser of the brethren, a murderous, envious, malicious calumniator; the father of lies; the grand defamer of God to man, of man to God, of one man to another.

Because I refused to obey a peremptory command, and this at a time when I habitually refused even on pain of imagined torture to obey or to speak, this brute not only cursed me with abandon, he deliberately spat upon me.

He paused and then spat out venomously: "Oh, it'll get Swen Brodie and it'll get you, too, Mark King.

As he pulled the lanyard, the little bronze cannon spit out fire viciously, and the long projectile, to which had been attached the end of the coiled line, sailed off on its errand of mercy.

Before he spoke, he spat contemptuously; then he drawled out: "Our boys say it's none o' their doggoned business; they won't interfere.

Then she halted, hands in pockets, rocked easily upon heel and toe, and spat expertly between her teeth.

With his unoccupied hand he helped himself to a generous chew of tobacco, and spat gravely into the dust.

The great physician spat noisily.

Did you notice it?" He walked across to the rail, spat overboard, and came back, politely wiping his lips on his sleeve.

an' spat the pilly.

He promptly spat on me.

" "Well," said Bill, and spat reflectively, "you roll up your sleeves and I'll learn yuh.

Babe protested sleepily, lifting her head from his shoulder and spatting him reprovingly on the cheek.

Jimmy spat on the asphalt rudely.

Then he looked down at himself an' spat, sneeringly.

An' that natcherlist I had two years ago couldn't tell a grizzly's track from a black bear's track, an so 'elp me if he knew what a cinnamon was!" He took his pipe from his mouth and spat truculently into the fire, and Langdon knew that other things were coming.

" "Eh, and who purchased the woman first?" de Gâtinais spat at him, viciously, for the Frenchman now saw his air-castle shaken to the corner-stone.

And then they would spit, angrily.

Or perhaps, "I sitting behind in a dark place, a lady spit backward upon me by a mistake, not seeing me, but after seeing her to be a very pretty lady, I was not troubled at it at all.

" The white man had spread himself over two seats, and was smoking vigorously, from time to time spitting carelessly in the aisle, when the conductor entered the compartment.

Suddenly a bright idea strikes him: others may do what he dare not; so he makes the following stirring appeal to his countrymen: "Let us spit out courageously before the whole world ...

Casey spat disgustedly.

let us spit fearlessly and profusely.

If Victorine had been a four-legged cat, she would have spit at me, but fortunately the two-legged ones can't spit in drawing-rooms, so I escaped.

51 adverbs to describe how to  spat  - Adverbs for  spat
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