981 adverbs to describe how to speakest

No evangel among all the mountain plants speaks Nature's love more plainly than cassiope.

To artists, few portions of the High Sierra are, strictly speaking, picturesque.

Ay, but your Husband don't; speak softly.

The last sentence is clearly spoken aloud to Sir Cautious.

She could scarcely speak, but at intervals the following words dropped slowly from her lips: "I was the apparition.

'Then you're rather unhappy just now, Vincy?' 'Well, I spoke to her frankly, and said I would like to go on being her friend, but I didn't mean to marry.

And, sirs, I'me sorry to be obliged to speak plain, it would be a darned site more to your credit if you'd try and raise the earth, instead of daily usin' Wall Street as a base of operations to raise H, wellexcuse me, the futer asilum for retired brokers.

Boiled, when freshly caught, they are by no means to be spoken lightly of.

She spoke calmly and quietly.

Roughly speaking, the average temperature of the air over it is 75° Fahr.

There are other difficulties, seldom spoken of, of which one must write frankly, though with the keenest sympathy, if one is to look deeply into the modern church problem.

It was only a fleeting impression, as the guests merely spoke to me at the door and passed on.

The lady from Amsterdam was particularly accomplished, and versed not only in several modern languages, but in Greek and Latin, speaking fluently the Latin, of which the Colloquies of her great countryman, Erasmus, furnish so rich a store of phrases for ordinary dialogue.

But the next moment she was speaking rapidly, earnestly.

"And Brother Paul has just been saying" "What is it, what is it?" The Father Superior spoke a little sharply, and himself sat down in the wooden armchair he before had placed for his white guest.

He said I might speak quite openly to you, as you were closely attached to his person!" "Sounds rather like a newspaper, doesn't it?

As long as a secretary or a huissier was in the room, they spoke to each other most correctly in French; as soon as they were alone, relapsed into easy and colloquial English.

He was speaking loudly, and with passion, but I could not make him out.

In antiquity, its employment was, comparatively speaking, equally universal.

" "I have behaved like a cub, sir," and he spoke loud, so that all could hear.

And to the wonder of all present, the reformed shrewish lady spoke as eloquently in praise of the wife-like duty of obedience, as she had practised it implicitly in a ready submission to Petruchio's will.

Is it an untoward fatality (speaking humanly) that does this for you,a stubborn, irresistible concurrence of events,or lies the fault, as I fear it does, in your own mind?

II don't want to speak harshly of John, but I must in truth say that she's the one among my Uplift Club girls that has been least satisfactory to me.

Thus coal may be said, speaking broadly, to be composed of two constituents: firstly, mineral charcoal; and, secondly, coal proper.

" Again, "In a country under good government, speak boldly, act boldly.

981 adverbs to describe how to  speakest  - Adverbs for  speakest
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