8 adverbs to describe how to squealed

They did not succeed and were violently ejected by a boy with a whip; only to return again and again, each time to be driven out as before, squealing loudly.

he squealed gleefully.

"He can squeal much louder than I can, I think.

what say you to a ride?" They turned a corner as he spoke, and beheld half a dozen boys mounted on pigs, which squealed miserably as they trotted along, now in the gutter, and now on the sidewalk, to the great discomfort of the pedestrians.

He was accompanied by a large dog, which rushed in among the pigs, biting their ears, and making them race about, squealing piteously.

Presently, one of the Things squealed, softly, and I heard the sound of others approaching.

At the far end, a fiddle, a piano, and a clarinet were squealing forth music.

The pig squealed vigorously and scuttled away, but the horse cantered on without changing its step.

8 adverbs to describe how to  squealed  - Adverbs for  squealed