9 adverbs to describe how to squirm

"Huh! guess Jake Storms' got a reputation that'd kerry him through, all right, sonny," muttered the big man, but Max could see that he squirmed uneasily; likewise Obed must have guessed the truth also, as his next remarks proved.

The morsel made a remonstrant squeaking, and squirmed feebly.

Leaning on one lovely, bare arm, burnished hair clustering against her cheeks, she continued to survey him in delighted approval which sometimes made him squirm inwardly, sometimes almost intoxicated him.

Or when at public meetings an eel stood up on end, and wriggled and squirmed lithely in every direction, and declared that, for his part, he went in for rainbows and hot waterhow could I help seeing that he was still black and loved a slimy pool?

Deliberatelyand as if there were no such person as Mrs. Pumpelly upon the sidewalkshe stepped into her motor and, the chauffeur having adjusted the robe, she remarked in a casual, almost indifferent manner that nevertheless made Mrs. Pumpelly squirm, "Go to Mr. Hepplewhite's, William.

When his eyes returned to Muskwa, the cub was within three feet of him, squirming flat in the sand and whimpering softly.

They had to squirm it awfully!

But the man objected to being carried, and, squirming vigorously, slipped out of Fred's arms, and once more declared his intention of sleeping in the snow.

Duchemin squirmed frantically to one side, and felt cold metal kiss the skin over his ribs as the blade penetrated his clothing, close under the armpit.

9 adverbs to describe how to  squirm  - Adverbs for  squirm