5 adverbs to describe how to standards

As there is no club devoted to the breed, and consequently no official standard of points, the following description of the perfect Retriever is offered: * *

It has always been England's policy to stir up enmity between the respective continental States, and to keep them at approximately the same standard of power, in order herself undisturbed to conquer at once the sovereignty of the seas and the sovereignty of the world.

Nor have such later writers who were essentially humorists as "Bill Nye" (Edgar Wilson Nye, 1850-1896) been considered, because their work does not attain the literary standard and the short story standard as creditably as it does the humorous one.

Beginning with the lower standard onwards (that is to say, the children of six years), stories not only from the New Testament, but also from the Old Testament are drummed into the heads of the scholars.

It was a departure from the original basis of the Society to assume any standard whatsoever concerning creeds.

5 adverbs to describe how to  standards  - Adverbs for  standards