26 adverbs to describe how to starved

The people were literally starving, and it required great resolution and firmness on the part of government to quiet the disorders.

Had she not done this, she and her husband must inevitably have starved during the following months.

As a matter of fact, I am doubtful whether public opinion would allow us deliberately to starve Germany.

"I suppose you know Miss Gailey is practically starving," she said abruptly, harshly, staring at the gutter.

To this they very audaciously replied, that they neither could nor would work: and consequently that they might as well be starved abroad as at home: & neither had they any wives or children to cry after them: nay, so intent were they upon their voyage, that if the Spaniards had not given them arms, so they had but the canoe they would have gone without them.

He was newly starved, and at last stole a turkey; then another, and was caught.

Some hold that this country is washed by the Nikpha, or coagulated sea, which is liable to prodigious storms; by which, when mariners are surprised, they are reduced to such extremity, that, not being able to get out, they are miserably starved to death, after expending all their provisions.

"Eighteen years I've bin with the cap'n," he remarked, softly; "through calms and storms, fair weather and foul, Samson Wilks 'as been by 'is side, always ready in a quiet and 'umble way to do 'is best for 'im, and nownow that 'e is on his beam-ends and lost 'is ship, Samson Wilks'll sit down and starve ashore till he gets another.

The responses were made by a group of men with beautiful, well-trained voices, but the people looked spiritually starved.

If the statement was true, they must have been systematically starved since their recapture.

"Well, of course I didn't do that, and I took my hoss back to the stable, and my family didn't starve nuther; but I just tell you this to show you what sort of a woman Miss Panney is.

But he had a number of warm friends in his native place, such as Captain Garrick, father of the actor, and Gilbert Walmsley, Registrar of the Ecclesiastical Court, who would not suffer him to starve outright.

Better being here than starving outside, isn't it?" "Oh yuss, sir, a deal better!" said Clem.

l. 1. c. 4, "fling down country farms, and whole towns, to make parks, and forests, starving men to feed beasts, and punishing in the mean time such a man that shall molest their game, more severely than him that is otherwise a common hacker, or a notorious thief."

He wished ardently, also, to speak with her about this miracle, this hidden thing called melody, for the which he had starved his life, unknowingly.

They call Mother Dibbin a witch, an' now as she's down wi' the rheumatics there ain't nobody to look arter 'er,'cept Miss Anthea,she'd ha' starved afore now if it 'adn't been for Miss Anthea, but Lord love your eyes, an' limbs, Mr. Belloo sir!

Hundreds of infants are yearly starved to death upon such foods.

Every careful observer of the sick will agree in this that thousands of patients are annually starved in the midst of plenty, from want of attention to the ways which alone make it possible for them to take food.

It is | to fast | from strife, From old | debate, And hate; To cir | -cumcise | thy life; To show | a heart | grief-rent; To starve | thy sin, Not bin: Ay, that's | to keep | thy Lent.

But, apart from that wide- spread poverty which is already known and relieved, there is, in times like the present, always a certain small proportion, even of the poorest, who will "eat their cake to th' edge," and then starve bitterly before they will complain.

Why, said my Spaniard, calmly, Inglise, they must not starve: but they replied, Let them starve and be damn'd, they should neither plant nor build, and damn them, they should be their servants, and work for them, for the island was their's, and they would burn all the huts they should find in the island.

He doubly starves all his verses; first, for want of Thought, and then, of Expression, His poetry neither has wit in it, nor seems to have it; like him, in MARTIAL, "Pauper videri CINNA vult, et est pauper.

Beech hath a score of pounds to helpe his neede, And I may starve ere he will lend it me:

At last she refuses food and gradually starves herself to death.

'Tis by this Cunning I contrive, In spight of your unkind Reserve, To keep my famish'd Love alive, Which you inhumanly would starve.

26 adverbs to describe how to  starved  - Adverbs for  starved