247 words to describe how to  stays  - Adverbs for  stays

247 words to describe how to stays

We will stay home."

But you don't expect to stay there forever, do you, Lester?" "Since my theory about the Boule cabinet exploded," I said, "I have given up hope.

The world was not big enough for us two if we must stay apart.

"I suppose we might as well take off our hats and stay awhile," agreed Laura, following suit.

"Come out," she said quickly, "we are too happy to stay inside.

We'll stay in the village overnight an' come back home next day....

Her sister stayed close beside her and guarded and guided her.

Times is good and if a fellow could ever get a little ahead I believe he could stay ahead.

Hiryū stayed afloat for several more hours.

You need not be afraid, but if you do not care to come in, you may stay outside.

Miss Judy promptly bore her off to the "Infirmary," a tent set off by itself away from the noises of camp, and left her there to stay quietly by herself.

No matter, you shall stay Gay.

Down deep in his heart there had been a spark of rejoicing at the probability that Ralph would stay with him now indefinitely.

"Another time I would stay gladly.

This was brought about by his overflowing self-consciousness, and the little response that he found in his wife, a good creature, who, as the saying is, sat at his feet, in fact stayed there permanently,

You stay here dere; lean ag'in gate wid all you might; dere; now I go call Miss Maud.

Truth to tell, after the first, I was more relieved than dismayed at the captain's resolution to stay aboard.

"Of course we shall stay with the Tribune as long as you care to employ our services; but" "Well?" "I have been given to understand the young ladies plan to return to New York at the end of September, and in that case of course the paper will suspend.

FOURTH VOYAGE Rich and happy as I was after my third voyage, I could not make up my mind to stay at home altogether.

Owing to their habit of staying out in the country the year round, they have a firm, sleek, animated look which the best guaranteed city stock fails to attain.

Our idea was that if, when the sun rose, we saw nothing of the giant, and no longer heard his howls, which still came faintly through the darkness, growing more and more distant, we should conclude that he was dead, and that we might safely stay upon the island and need not risk our lives upon the frail rafts.

Austin calls only occasionally, as though it were a duty rather, and seldom stays ten minutes.

A million young Americans are coming homebut a million more will stay abroad awhile, to safeguard the fruits of victory and insure the safety of the world.

Living in the country, with people constantly staying in the house, gives one much insight into other people's way of living and what are the necessities of life for them.

If he were taken from the more advanced ranks of the Left, W. could not possibly stay.

But she would certainly stay in bed if Avery wished.

My Mucedorus surely stays for me, And thinks me over long.

Dempsey said the decrease may be because students struggle over Zoom and that people may prefer to stay connected online with their home church community.

His heart told him that if Isabel could but once enter the room again, and stay with him to the end, however near, he would die singing the song of magnificent life.

A belle of Huahine became exceedingly fond of the society of a young man who was temporarily staying on the island and living in the same house.

In the afternoon the ship was brought into such a position as to command the site of the proposed camp, and as there was to be an eclipse of one of Jupiter's satellites, Cook and Green stayed ashore to get an observation, but the weather was unpropitious.

Like an ill swimmer, I have willingly stayed long in my own depth; and though I am eager of performing more, yet I am loath to venture out beyond my knowledge.

And most importantly, stay home if you are sick and phone Healthline 0800 358 5453 or your GP if you have any concerns."

A fellow-alumnus of Harvard staying in his house merely for his wage and keep!

He broke so I was like I’ve just got to stay good mentally and don’t give anything up,' Kleman said.

Darwin as a hub venue depends on getting everyone on board and hopefully the crocodiles up there will stay home for a while,’’ Sheedy said with the hint of a smile.

As we approached it our soundings quickly decreased, yet still we hoped to effect our object; but suddenly shoaling the water to five fathoms, and at the next heave to ten feet and a half, with the coral rocks almost grazing the vessel's bottom, the helm was put down; fortunately she stayed and we escaped the danger.

Basically she stayed up until she was tired then went to bed.

Esther's tears were suddenly stayed.

"You go away like a raving lunatic, and stay away all night, and then come back with nothing to say.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Hardy can't stay," said the captain, in a voice which there was no mistaking.

Mr. Drury rarely missed commencements at Cartwright, and naturally he could not stay away this year.

They stay underground and do their feeding from there."

Herbert, when he heard what had happened in London, joined his entreaties to those of Sir Henry, asserting that he had only consented to Lucy's going to so outlandish a place in the belief that there was no help for it, and that he did not think it fair for Harry to take her to such a life when he could stay comfortably at home.

You remember, sir, that he came straight up here while you stayed downstairs talking to Constable Flack."

As an individual, I will change my profile picture to a Day of Silence graphic on Wednesday, and physically stay silent from 12 am on Friday to 2:30 pm.

"I think it is because the ladies used to stay upstairs visiting instead of going down to hear Mrs. Nobbs read.

Manenti then rested some of his big guns in the bronze medal match against France, knowing they had done enough to stay in second spot overall.

Chefs Claudia Fleming and Brian Wilson will stay onboard to help Fraser realize his vision for the future.

Aix will have gone to bed, and in bed it will peacefully stay unless a military Zeppelin sails over its rooftrees, making a noise like ten million locusts all buzzing at once.