141 adverbs to describe how to steal

Fletcher lingered behind, and, instead of following the expedition, stole softly away in the opposite direction.

The stars stole out silently, and set their watch in the sky, and calmness and repose rested upon everything around us.

Gradually, imperceptibly almost, something stole on my eara sound that resolved itself into a faint murmur.

For instance, if a player is at bat and another on the bases and two are out and an attempt is made to steal second, as the chief umpire calls the batter out on strikes the public should be clearly informed that the batter is out.

I stole noiselessly forward within about twenty feet of the base of it to observe.

The light was so dim that I believed I could steal cautiously along in the deeper shadows without attracting attention from the deck, even if someone stood there on watch.

I, at dead of night, by devious and secret ways, stole forth of Thrasfordhamdight in this armour new-fashioned (the which, mark me!

To abscond is to steal off secretly and hide one's self, as from some disgraceful reason or to avoid arrest.

He passed on to the others, and then, with a growing sense of alarm, stole softly downstairs and making his way to the shop continued the search.

So, timidly, slowly, they stole forth from the dark, unveiling their beauties to their lord the sun and filling the world with the fragrance of their worship.

Oct. 24, 1817, charged on suspicion of feloniously stealing from the cottage of James Barrell of Aisthorpe, in the day time, no person being therein, 6 silver tea-spoons and a pair of silver sugar tongs.

But this is sufficient for our present purpose; it will enable us to assert, that there were two classes of involuntary slaves among the ancients, "of those who were taken publickly in a state of war, and of those who were privately stolen in a state of innocence and peace."

" It was three o'clock before the carriage of Mrs. Wilson arrived at the rectory; and the time stole away insensibly in free and friendly communications.

Gradually, imperceptibly almost, something stole on my eara sound that resolved itself into a faint murmur.

By and by Mother Eddy stole upstairs to her boys.

* Noel was stealing along warily, his arrow ready on the string.

He was, indeed, so abashed by this outbreak that he merely stole a glance at her face and then studied the fire again.

After he was safely out of earshot Kurt stole on stealthily until he reached the end of the freight-cars.

every rightwhom he has stolen from themselves.

At last the wedding day was fixed; but a few weeks before the time came, one of those sad diseases which steal mysteriously into the vitals of the young and wear away life long before its natural period, fell upon her:and now, nothing remained to him, who had hoped to have her as his companion through life, but

Some of the girls now stole slyly about among the lines, and popped the baits timidly into the blue water.

We refer to the great railroad raid in Georgia during the year 1862, when a handful of intrepid heroes invaded a hostile country, deliberately stole a locomotive, and came within an ace of getting it safely delivered into the hands of their friends.

"Several attempts had been made to steal the fire ere

By these I mean the vast multitudes yearly stolen from the opposite continent, and sacrificed by the colonists to their great idol, the god of gain.

He stole lightly from her side; and she found herself, with strange enough feelings, when she awoke, alone.

141 adverbs to describe how to  steal  - Adverbs for  steal
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