18 adverbs to describe how to stitch

It is, to-day, in | | the best of order, stitching fine linen bosoms nicely.

I stitched away diligently, blistering my hands, I must own, in no small degree.

It was evidently quite new, of the finest material, with various cunningly stitched seams and straps disposed upon its surface in a very knowing way.

The paper containing the questions had not been extracted from No. 2; it still remained firmly stitched to the front of the envelope.

They were of fine linen and handsomely stitched, and the reverend gentleman opined that the foundling's parents must have been of quality.

This sudden movement, therefore, of my grandmother's threw me into an alarming state of terror, and, quite still and subdued, I sat industriously stitching, all the morning after.

'In Sky I first observed the use of brogues, a kind of artless shoes, stitched with thongs so loosely, that, though they defend the foot from stones, they do not exclude water.'

Every evening found Mr. Whitelaw a punctual visitor in the snug panelled parlour, and at such times the bailiff insisted upon his daughter's presence; she was obliged to sit there night after night, stitching monotonously at some unknown calico garmentwhich might well from the state of mind of the worker have been her winding-sheet; or darning one of an inexhaustible basket of woollen stockings belonging to her father.

The rents have been carefully repaired and the scroll neatly stitched upon another piece of parchment, covered on the outside with violet satin.

When he came in a little later, she was sitting in their living-room nervously stitching at the sleeve of a shirt that he had managed to tear on some barbed wire.

Their only covering is a few kangaroo skins, rudely stitched, and thrown over the shoulders; but more frequently they appear in a state of nudity; indeed, so little knowledge have they of decency or comfort, that they never avail themselves of the purposes for which apparel is given to them.

The very same questions were repeated on another piece of paper and put in an envelope, which was stitched securely with silk, the stitches passing through both the envelope and the paper, and carefully concealed under the sealing wax.

The sheets were folded three or four together, and separately stitched: these parcels were then connected nearly in the same mode as is at present practised.

And in the evening Mark came in, with a bottle of the '21 in his coat-tail pocket; and the three sat and chatted, while Mary brought out her work, and stitched listening silently, till it was time to lead the old man upstairs.

"We are as time moulds us, lacking wherewithal To shape out nobler fortunes or contend Against all-patient Fates, who may not mend The allotted pattern of things temporal Or alter it a jot or e'er let fall A single stitch thereof, until at last The web and its drear weavers be overcast And predetermined darkness swallow all.

An' little Mary Elizabethwhy, she's took every last one of 'em an' she's feather-stitched 'em aroun' the edges an' sewed 'em up into a sort o' little book, an' tied a ribbin' bow acrost it.

Being the collector at this moment, the mouth was tightly stitched.

We could, however, catch only a few, as the passage over the cane-stubble was too difficult for naked feet; and, the badly-stitched soles of two pairs of new shoes which I had brought from Manila having dropped off some time before I reached the summit, I was compelled to perform the journey to Ligao barefoot.

18 adverbs to describe how to  stitch  - Adverbs for  stitch