50 adverbs to describe how to straighten

A step in the garden made him straighten himself abruptly.

He straightened up sharply, and stood quite still, listening.

She smiled; she proudly straightened her shoulders (she the humblest!), and her boy was enslaved.

The faces of the little children grew solemn, and unconsciously their little shoulders straightened and they stood "at attention."

Names and faces get straightened out more gradually.

He straightened himself resolutely in his chair and drew a package of stock certificates from one of the secret drawers of the desk.

He straightened it thoughtfully, patted it gently into place, and then said: "Surely, Jason, you did not come here to discuss the past.

Grosvenor, worn to the bone and dazed by the extraordinary and fearful situation in which he found himself, nevertheless straightened up anew, and gave back defiantly the stare of the gigantic and sinister figure that confronted him.

Jack Curtiss straightened up angrily as he heard, his face black and greasy from his researches into the engine.

Men still on board, those of the crew who had been frightened and had not cast themselves into the sea, straightened instinctively as they felt the vessels give beneath them.

In reality he merely straightened himself up.

Ma Werner straightened painfully and her over-flushed face took on a purplish tinge.

"And I'll just block her up and take off the wheel, and I reckon the blacksmith can straighten that axle easy.

and she straightened her elastic form exultingly.

He looked up from them, ahemed! and fastidiously straightened his waistcoat.

His eyes blazed; his heavy brows drew spasmodically toward each other; his jaws worked, twisting his beard into strange contortions; his massive frame straightened formidably; and his voice rumbled from the arch of his deep chest in a torrent of passionate sound.

"I didn't steal that calf," declared Andy, straightening up indignantly.

But anyway, on the way down we got the boat all straightened out inside and decided just how we'd sleep.

Suddenly a laugh rang out upon the keen air,so full of a clear joyousness that people involuntarily straightened their drooping shoulders, as if inspired with a new sense of vigor and smiled in sympathy.

" Mr. Van Kamp took a wad of loose bills from his trousers pocket, straightened them out leisurely, and placed them in his bill book, along with some smooth yellowbacks of eye-bulging denominations.

Mechanically her fingers straightened the tumbled covers, removed a jumble of magazines, flicked away the crumbs.

The older managed incredibly in a few little minutesslowly straightened.

She went to the window and nervously straightened the curtain.

After the wagons straightened out nicely, a meeting was called to organize, so as to travel systematically.

The night before they captured the village of Villaret, which straightened Field Marshal Haig's line northwest of St. Quentin, and made further progress to the northwest of Lens.

50 adverbs to describe how to  straighten  - Adverbs for  straighten