58 adverbs to describe how to strain

Her shoulders strained upward twice in resistance or surprise.

The ice-boat careened and strained eagerly to sail away.

In all our studies on these lines we must remember that development is always by perfectly natural growth and is not brought about by unduly straining any portion of the system.

Overhead the mainsail, illuminated as high as the yard by the lamps, was bulging forwards under the gale, which was rising every minute, and straining so violently at the main-sheet, that there was some doubt whether it might not be necessary to interrupt the funeral in order to take sail off the ship.

The sick-room should be quiet; no talking, no gossiping, and, above all, no whispering,this is absolute cruelty to the patient; he thinks his complaint the subject, and strains his ear painfully to catch the sound.

A smaller vessel would perhaps have been swamped; for although the sea was in other parts quite smooth and the wind light, yet the water broke over the bows and strained the brig considerably.

They have an organ, and terribly does that organ strain its bellows and labor its pipes to drown the rival singing.

The vessel had been badly strained by the wrenching of the masts, her sides had been battered by the floating wreckage, and she was taking in water rapidly.

When we came in, Ginger said, "Now you see what it is like; but this is not bad, and if it does not get much worse than this I shall say nothing about it, for we are very well treated here; but if they strain me up tight, why, let 'em look out!

John looked at her, and found himself wishing that her soft, brown hair were not strained so tightly from her forehead, nor brushed so closely to her head; the fashion would have been trying to a younger face, and fatal to features less regularly delicate and correct.

He tended that arm as if it were a baby, but it had been strained severely and it came into shape very slowly.

" Sergeant Clancy came in sight round the traverse again, moving briskly, but obviously slowing down as he passed them, and very obviously straining to hear anything they were saying.

If not required very clear, it may be merely strained through a fine sieve, instead of being run through a bag.

The Marker was not court-martialled for spreading alarm and despondency in His Majesty's forces; but (b) The quality of mercy was fearfully strained.

He feels within his shiv'ring veins, A mortal chillness rise; Her pallid corse he feebly strains

Angered beyond control at the memory, West swore, straining fiercely in the vain endeavour to release his arms.

For some seconds they struggled fiercely, the Turk exerting every effort to reach the gun, Ken straining frantically to hold him off.

" Macalister stood without a sign of movement; but behind his back his hands were straining furiously at the lashings upon his wrist.

Have ready the above proportion of boiling vinegar, strain the liquor gradually to it, and keep stirring with a wooden spoon until it is well incorporated.

This was the signal for the outbreak of the war, and each party henceforth strained every nerve to arm themselves and to place their forces in the field.

He chose the former; and let the sturdy moralist, who strains the point of the filial duties as high as they can bear, censure the dereliction; he cannot estimate the struggle.

"God grant you a fortunate journey!" came to us from the group of fur-clad men who surrounded our sledges; and the air trembled with the incessant howls of a hundred wolfish dogs, as they strained impatiently against their broad sealskin collars.

Stunted trees bent before the wind like puny men who strained impotently to advance.

His fingers were wound in the thong of his riding-crop and strained at it incessantly as if seeking to snap it asunder.

And she strained her unseeing eyes intently for a moment, and then closed them, to let the way come into her mind.

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