5 adverbs to describe how to subdivide

It is crowded with blood-vessels, which divide and subdivide very minutely before they penetrate the brain.

Fifth: Since the high skill of men is attained through repetition of operations, the management must subdivide the work into classes in which each man can become highly proficient.

When the mesoblast has become thus infinitely subdivided into hundreds of minute spheres, the ectoblast bursts, and the new generations of cells thus set free collect in that part of the egg where the embryonic disk is to arise.

They are then further subdivided longitudinally by ridges thrown up about seven or eight paces apart.

We find among the Iberians a widely diffused national writing, which divides itself into two chief kinds, that of the valley of the Ebro, and the Andalusian, and each of these was presumably subdivided into various branches: this writing seems to have originated at a very early period, and to be traceable rather to the old Greek than to the Phoenician alphabet.

5 adverbs to describe how to  subdivide  - Adverbs for  subdivide