43 words to describe how to  subsided  - Adverbs for  subsided

43 words to describe how to subsided

The hard breathing of Jacopo gradually subsided, and the expression of his face changed to its customary settled and collected look.

It was soon ascertained that the rumor was false, and the tumult subsided as quickly as it had risen.

The tumult suddenly subsided, and there was a rush for the passage.

The Anti-Masonic movement subsided as rapidly as it was created, having no well-defined principles to stand upon.

Slowly, the dust subsided, until, presently, I was able to approach the edge, and look down.

This almost instantly subsided after the arrival of the first company, and a feeling of comparative peace and security has since existed both in Washington and throughout the country.

After the apprehensions of Atterley, occasioned by the novelty and danger of his situation, had partly subsided, he was enabled, with mingled awe and admiration, to contemplate the magnificent spectacle beneath him.

She further informed him that Governor Bradford, on hearing of her lonely position, had kindly promised to send a vessel for her; and, as the severity of winter had already partially subsided, she was in daily expectation of the arrival of the pinnace, which would carry her back to the happy home of her youth; and then she hoped the time would not be long until she could rejoin her husband, and once more be at peace.

Is it not unaccountable that, in the midst of all my increased veneration for my patron, the first tumult of my emotion was scarcely subsided, before the old question that had excited my conjectures recurred to my mind, Was he the murderer?

The sun had dissipated the clouds, while the swell of the sea had sufficiently subsided to permit of a wide view in every direction.

I have so much faith in my old friend's theory, that when I feel that idle vein returning upon me, I presently subside into my proper element of prose, remembering those eluding nereids, and that inauspicious inland landing.

The Kansas Territorial Legislature, in the year 1859, by which time local passion had greatly subsided, by law empowered a non-partisan board of three commissioners to collect sworn testimony concerning the ravages of the civil war in Kansas, with a view of obtaining indemnity from the general Government for the individual sufferers.

At last the outline of the Fairy's home appeared clear and bright against the dark blue heaven, and then subsided gently by degrees.

'The current epidemic will eventually subside, largely due to reduced social contact, but it is not clear whether it will diminish to the point of the virus disappearing, or whether the virus will continue to circulate for years, like flu.

The whole school-party had considerably subsided.

The women sometimes drowned the men; the boy often got into a shrill mood; but the men finally reached the surface, the women quietly subsided, the boy toned down his forces somewhat; and on the whole the singing was well done.

There was a big easy chair not far from the door she had just closed, and she subsided into it, limply, realizing that she had gone through a strenuous experience.

Mr. Sharp subsided lumpishly into his chair, and Mr. Culpepper, despite his utmost efforts, failed to move him.

Worthy Dr. Johnson, who was not among the puzzled commentators on this occasion, suggests, very agreeably to common sense, that "Experience proves that any violent agitation of the mind easily subsides in slumber."

The woman subsided gracefully into a cushioned arm-chair, crossed her knees, and smiled at his perplexity.

"I ought to 'ave come before," said Mrs. Kybird, subsiding thankfully into a chair, "but I'm such a bad walker.

While the storm is not yet past and the waves have not wholly subsided, it is natural that everywhere thoughtful men as true mariners are taking their reckonings to know where they are and whether the frail bark of human institutions is still sufficiently seaworthy to keep afloat.

Columbus subsided, not very willingly, dropping with a grunt into the hole he had made.

Which means our complaints have subsided drastically.

Fortunately by race time the winds had subsided somewhat and the rain was reduced to a drizzle.

More than twenty years ago, being pastor of a church in one of our Western cities, I was sitting, one evening, meditating over my coal fire, which was cheerfully blazing up and gloomily subsiding again, in the way that Western coal fires in Western coal grates were then very much in the habit of doing.

The primary and secondary education is also heavily subsided by the government.

It was marvellous how instantaneously he subsided into the superannuated driveller who was to bear away the bell from Old Parr and all the Emperor Alexander's far-sought fossils.

After that he leisurely subsided into an easy-chair, and asked, as he smilingly rubbed together the tips of his fingers "Is Elizaveta quite well?"

So she told Fräulein that she really must have her constitutional; and after a feeble remonstrance Fräulein let her go, and subsided luxuriously into the pillowed depth of her arm-chair.

"Madame ..." Her agitation had measurably subsided.

The big portion of the slide seemed to have subsided, at least momentarily.

The zealous theological controversy among Friends naturally subsided after the separation between the opposing parties had become an old and settled fact.

Blustery winds were expected to subside overnight in Bermuda.

Indeed, it was generally a tearful business, after which everybody was glad to retire into corners to subside privately and dry themselves.

He was the connecting link between the generation which lived in ease, and even a kind of state, upon its own resources, and the new brood, which must live mainly by its wits or industry, and make itself rich, or shabbily subside into that lower stratum known to social geologists by a deposit of Kidderminster carpets and the peculiar aspect of the fossils constituting the family furniture and wardrobe.

The latter gentleman seemed in a surly and reluctant frame of mind, and having exchanged greetings subsided silently into a chair and sat eyeing Mr. Chalk, who, somewhat nervous as to his reception after so long an absence, plunged at once into conversation.

When the news that Porteous was respited for six weeks was announced, a roar of rage and mortification arose, but speedily subsided into stifled mutterings as the people slowly dispersed.

By dawn of the fourth day the gale had spent its greatest strength; what was left of it subsided steadily till, as the seafaring phrase has it, the wind went down with the sun.

As swiftly as it rose the storm subsided, leaving the fruit-market in ruins under a sky as clear and innocent as an infant's eye.

In 1863 it was a thriving town where miners outfitted for the mines of the Stikeen river and Cassian mines of British Columbia; but that excitement has temporarily subsided, and the $150,000 government buildings are falling in decay.

She hesitated for a moment, then subsided once more unwillingly into the chair.

Most of the cases came during a spike in early August, but that has apparently subsided.