76 words to describe how to  suiting  - Adverbs for  suiting

76 words to describe how to suiting

The character of Scaramouch was admirably suited to Tony Leigh, a low comedian 'of the mercurial kind', who 'in humour ... loved to take a full career', whilst Tom Jevon, young, slim and most graceful of dancers, proved the King of all Harlequins, past, present and to come.

This would frighten him and would suit my purpose exactly.

Thus earthworms are able to multiply several times in their life span which makes them ideally suited to process even large quantities of garbage.

Hence we find that the "Agnosticism" of Professor Huxley is eminently suited to the capacity and taste of the semi-educated majorities in our large centres of civilization.

"Now, fellow," said Robin, "it would ill suit me to spoil thy pretty head for thee, but I tell thee plainly, that but for this feast I would do that to thee would stop thy traveling the country for many a day to come.

On my return home, I repeated this conversation to a lawyer of my acquaintance, who told me that such a rule of evidence might do for the people in the moon, but it certainly would not suit us.

The owners of the few surviving particular plantations, furthermore, found before long that ownership by groups of absentees was poorly suited to the needs of the case, and that the exercise of public jurisdiction was of more trouble than it was worth.

"Of course that suits me, too," the lady pacified again, "do just what you think best."

Hawthorne says of his novels: "They precisely suit my taste,solid and substantial, and ... just as real as if some giant had hewn a great lump out of the earth and put it under a glass case, with all the inhabitants going about their daily business and not suspecting that they were being made a show of." CHARLOTTE BRONTë.

Therefore she had taken rooms at the hotel temporarily, and the plan suited her mother excellently.

In answer to your suggestions of occupation for me, I must say that I do not think my capacity altogether suited for disquisitions of that kind....

The name suited her singularly badly.

The translation of it was defective, though it would equally suit his purpose.

'The house and the furniture are not always nicely suited.

One sees a picture, reads an anecdote, starts a casual fancy, and thinks to tell of it to this person in preference to every other; the person is gone whom it would have peculiarly suited.

That mode of agreement could not possibly suit the taste of the English.

Before twenty-four hours had passed I was perfectly familiar with its rather plaintive than martial strains, suited, no doubt, to the sentimental character of the people.

Bush, her endorsers say, is uniquely suited for the moment.

And, truly, this insolatio suits my old bones better than processioning.

" "That day will suit me fine," I said; "but what about my company?"

The latter generally know those in their neighbourhood, who are wanting situations, and will communicate with them, when a personal interview with some of them will enable the mistress to form some idea of the characters of the applicants, and to suit herself accordingly.

In all these cases, in short, the bankruptcy portrayed is a matter of slow development, with no great outstanding moments, and is consequently suited for treatment in fiction rather than in drama.

Socially and politically it would never suit the Negroes.

But though defining by GENUS and DIFFERENTIA (I crave leave to use these terms of art, though originally Latin, since they most properly suit those notions they are applied to), I say, though defining by the GENUS be the shortest way, yet I think it may be doubted whether it be the best.

So capricious was he that no one could easily suit him.

If this dress should decidedly pertain only to the breakfast-hour, and be specially suited for such domestic occupations as usually follow that meal, then it would be well to exchange it before the time for receiving visitors, if the mistress be in the habit of doing so.

Our team can design a site that specifically suits your needs.

But all the same the dress suits her splendidly.

The lightly-built elastic houses of the country are capitally suited to withstand these storms; but roofs and defective houses are frequently carried away.

We must, in other words, believe that he dies because he cannot live, and not merely to suit the playwright's convenience and help him to an effective "curtain."

The atmosphere of a Court naturally suited him, and he had a quaint trick of transferring the grandiose nomenclature of palaces to his own very modest domain of Hughenden.

The position was so obviously suited for a sentry post that it was probably entrenched in prehistoric times.

So they grow bigger; and then, like the boy who grows quickly, the Crab finds his shelly suit a size too small for him!

Moreover, the country there was not only fertile, but in large part treeless, and therefore singularly suited for rapid and profitable settlement.

Socially and politically it would never suit the Negroes.

The shot was great as it was I am sure but the old film look suited it superbly and it's that look I find myself more and more attracted to these days.

Surely this would suit Spinoza's definition of the mind.

The Holy Scripture doth not indeed use it frequently (it not suiting the Divine simplicity and stately gravity thereof to do so); yet its condescension thereto at any time sufficiently doth authorise a cautious use thereof.

So she tried all the little beds; and one was too long, and another was too short, till, at last, the seventh suited her; and there she laid herself down and went to sleep.

The Twitter comment Who knows what had happened but they deserve to be knocked out perfectly, tragically, suits the mindlessness of the violence.

You want a clean man-handlin', which suits me uncommon well.'

" "Signor Sigismondo, the proposal is fair; it has a touch of reason, I allow; but unluckily it does not suit my interests.

It seems intended to be read in three or more different ways, and the punctuation required by one mode of reading would not wholly suit an other.

That unexpected Break in the Line, and turning the Description of his Manner of Talking into an Admiration of it, is inexpressibly Beautiful, and wonderfully suited, to the fond Character of the Person that speaks it.

It suits far worse (said Palamon again, And bent his brows) with men who honour weigh, Their faith to break, their friendship to betray; But worst with thee, of noble lineage born, My kinsman, and in arms my brother sworn.

Facilities like Sheridan Memorial Hospital aren’t equipped to deal with potentially violent individuals, so many people who shouldn’t be in jail end up there because detention facilities are adequately suited for those situations, Bennett said.

"On the contrary, we can build back better and stronger by embarking on new and innovative approaches suited to the challenges ahead," he said.

Because in the first place we deny that fashion is always in the right, and in the second it rarely happens that the same style exactly suits two persons alike.

Now, it is evident that no symbol could so appropriately suit him in this character as the Stone of Foundation, upon which he is allegorically supposed to have erected his world.

The green tooral-looral's all right, but it 'ardly suits Me!