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51 adverbs to describe how to suiting

The character of Scaramouch was admirably suited to Tony Leigh, a low comedian 'of the mercurial kind', who 'in humour ... loved to take a full career', whilst Tom Jevon, young, slim and most graceful of dancers, proved the King of all Harlequins, past, present and to come.

Hence we find that the "Agnosticism" of Professor Huxley is eminently suited to the capacity and taste of the semi-educated majorities in our large centres of civilization.

One sees a picture, reads an anecdote, starts a casual fancy, and thinks to tell of it to this person in preference to every other; the person is gone whom it would have peculiarly suited.

'The house and the furniture are not always nicely suited.

Hawthorne says of his novels: "They precisely suit my taste,solid and substantial, and ... just as real as if some giant had hewn a great lump out of the earth and put it under a glass case, with all the inhabitants going about their daily business and not suspecting that they were being made a show of.

The name suited her singularly badly.

Therefore she had taken rooms at the hotel temporarily, and the plan suited her mother excellently.

The haggard aspect of a little old man, with long grey hair, who stood within, was wonderfully suited to the place.

That decision was, that though entertaining and well written, it was scarcely suited to his magazine.

It may be noted that the prevalent husbandry was not such as generally attracted unfree labor in other districts, and that the climate was poorly suited to a negro population.

" On the shelf above the Shakespeare were a few things presumably better suited to childish tastes,Hawthorne's "Wonder Book," Kingsley's "Water Babies," Miss Edgeworth's "Rosamond," and the "Arabian Nights.

We must, in other words, believe that he dies because he cannot live, and not merely to suit the playwright's convenience and help him to an effective "curtain.

In all these cases, in short, the bankruptcy portrayed is a matter of slow development, with no great outstanding moments, and is consequently suited for treatment in fiction rather than in drama.

That suits me fine, for I can't tat anyway.

But all the same the dress suits her splendidly.

"That there korky uniform do suit en wonderful well.

Henceforth to all discourses, but shall be Suiting to your sweet thoughts and modestie.

Hilly but not mountainous, grassy, fertile, and lying against the sea-shore, it was exactly suited for fairly close settlement.

Thus earthworms are able to multiply several times in their life span which makes them ideally suited to process even large quantities of garbage.

Chimney pieces were now no longer specially designed by architects, as part of the interior fittings, but were made and sold with the grates, to suit the taste of the purchaser, often quite irrespective of the rooms for which they were intended.

Such an attitude would little suit the purposes of the poet.

I think we should suit one another mainly.

You're ollers quick to set your back aridge, Though't suits a tom-cat more 'n a sober bridge: Don't you git het: they thought the thing was planned; They'll cool off when they come to understand.

The position was so obviously suited for a sentry post that it was probably entrenched in prehistoric times.

I believe that sports journalism helps a lot in the shaping of a good all-round writer, simply because it gives one a free reign to use descriptive language and a variety of verbiage, ordinarily not suited for general reporting.

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