91 adverbs to describe how to surveying

" Aunt Jane surveyed her critically.

How calmly he surveys from his elevated position the situation of the hosts and the signs of the times.

At length its patience becoming exhausted, it slowly emerged from the jungle, coolly surveyed the scene and its surroundings, and then, disdaining flight, charged straight at the nearest horseman.

My father seated himself on the edge of the table, and surveyed his visitor intently.

Violet surveyed her anxiously.

and attentively Surveying the combatants, I found it to be the merry Jo Haynes, fallen out with Plowden the famous Lawyer, about a game at Nine-holes; and that shout had proclaimed Joe victorious.

There is also another thing in a man's power, and that is, though he turns his eyes sometimes towards an object, yet he may choose whether he will curiously survey it, and with an intent application endeavour to observe accurately all that is visible in it.

When he reached the end of the car he turned and surveyed the passengers leisurely, then he came back to her seat.

and as he spoke he proudly surveyed his idolized daughter, who was indeed to be classed among the first in the brunette style of beauty.

Thorndyke surveyed the tea-tray thoughtfully and then looked at his retainer.

He had beaten Tom, who was sitting on a box, ruefully surveying a hole in his jacket.

"You?" replied Lucifer contemptuously; "do you imagine that Adeliza would look at you?" "Why not?" asked Belial, surveying himself complacently in the glass.

"How'd you get hold of them?" asked the latter, surveying the articles admiringly.

Roopnarain, calm and cool as ever, was astride the prostrate blacksmith, placidly surveying the crowd.

At night I was accurately surveyed from head to foot, lest I should have suffered any diminution of my charms in the adventures of the day; and was never permitted to sleep, till I had passed through the cosmetick discipline, part of which was a regular lustration performed with bean-flower water and May-dews; my hair was perfumed with variety of unguents, by some of which it was to be thickened, and by others to be curled.

Gracefully she introduced the others to Ada and Ruth who surveyed them indifferently.

Mrs. Sykes surveyed him commiseratingly.

FERGUSON, WALLACE K. A survey of European civilization; ancient times to the present.

I walked round it several times, meditating on the fleeting and transitory nature of all terrestrial things; on the eastern end were the remains of a lofty tower, near forty feet high, overgrown with ivy, the top apparently flat; I surveyed it on every side very minutely, thinking that if I could gain its summit I should enjoy the most delightful prospect of the circumjacent country.

He noted that the step was quick and small, and preparing himself to meet a wisp of manhoodwhich, for that matter, was the type he was most inclined to fearDonnegan kept a corner glance upon the old woman at the foot of the stairs and steadily surveyed the shadows at the head of the rise.

" I surveyed him narrowly.

"To be even with him, I complained of my weak eyes, and lamented the necessity of the spectacles, under cover of which I cautiously and thoroughly surveyed the whole apartment, while seemingly intent only upon the conversation of my host.

When I did get there I found him grimly surveying a small and wizened creature, whose arm he had linked to his own by means of a handcuff.

I hastily surveyed my surroundings, and saw that I was safe from all pursuit from the town.

The vicar would not look, but steadily prayed that he might not be led into temptation; but the physician, with greater moral hardihood, deliberately surveyed the offered charms, with spectacles on his nose.

91 adverbs to describe how to  surveying  - Adverbs for  surveying
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