213 adverbs to describe how to sweeps

The tide of progress will sweep onward in the future as it has done in the past.

It had taken less than a moment to sweep him past, quicker than the flight of a bird, as sudden as a lightning flash.

On the wind-swept platform Annie's mother and I shook hands without a word, and in another minute the long train was sweeping swiftly across the white prairie.

The voices of Dante, Milton, Shakespeare, Tennyson, and Browning sweep the soul upward to spiritual heights, and answer some of the deepest questionings of the soul of man.

The ear of God was open to his servant's last request; As the strong wave swept him downward the sweet prayer upward pressed, And the soul of Father Avery went with it to his rest.

Its area far surpasses that of the icy summit and both the other zones combined, for it goes sweeping majestically around the entire mountain, with a breadth of six or seven miles and a circumference of nearly a hundred miles.

" A tremendous sea rolling after them broke over the stern of the ship, tore everything before it, stove in the steerage, carried away the rudder, shivered the wheel to pieces and tore up the very ringbolts of the deck, carrying the men who stood on the deck forward and sweeping them overboard.

We shall literally sweep them off the face of the earth if they attempt it.

Our host, returned, sweeps onwards to the hall, Where chiefs are questioned, shown the captives mean Nan Chung, majestic, draws the gaze of all, Proud o'er the barbarous foe his victories to recall.

After feeding a minute or two at the bottom, and when one would suppose that he must inevitably be swept far down-stream, he emerged just where he went down, alighted on the same snag, showered the water-beads from his feathers, and continued his unfinished song, seemingly in tranquil ease as if it had suffered no interruption.

As she continued to sleepundisturbed by the first manifestations of the dawnthe woman's glance swept backward to him at the helm.

When the beds are made, the rooms should be dusted, the stairs lightly swept down, hall furniture, closets, &c., dusted.

Then the wind swept straight eastward, carrying the smoke with it, and during this breathing spell all the wild creatures in the triangle between the two rivers waited.

While other nations were drawn into this wide-sweeping whirlpool, we sat quiet and unmoved upon our own shores.

It began to rain, torrents sweeping the planks overhead, while vivid flashes of lightning illumined the open hatch, before it could be hastily closed, revealing the squalidness of the interior in which we were quartered.

We had a hard time to reach camp that night, for a severe storm suddenly burst upon us, and a fierce wind soon swept down from the hills, kicking up a heavy sea which continually swept over the baidarka's deck, and without kamlaykas on we surely should have swamped.

Neither Assyrians nor Egyptians nor Persians had so ruthlessly swept away religious institutions.

The corridor was long, but cleanly swept, and, at its upper portion, covered with a material unfamiliar to Johnnie, but which she recognized as suited to its purpose.

It was a vast shifting of Negro populations from below Mason and Dixon's line, and it swept northward toward all the great industrial centers.

Where it bumps the rocks it's obstinate and pig-headed; where it leaps the little shelves of slate it's merry and playful; where it sweeps silently between the curving banks it is sulky and resentful.

Where this river sweeps south through the Rocky Mountains to Hell's Gate, a few of these animals are founds as far north as Beaver River, a tributary of the Liard.

" There was not long to "hold on;" for in three minutes more "The Swallow" swept gracefully in with the tide, and the voice of Dab Kinzer shouted merrily, "Home again!

As the Florentine in the Inferno saw the souls of unfortunate lovers borne upon a whirlwind, so have I seen all things fair and precious,outpourings of wealth,all the talents,all the offerings of duty and devotion,angelic graces of person and of soul,borne and swept violently around on the circular gale.

His steeds are the winds; oh, list, How he madly sweeps o'er the clouds, And scatters the driving mist.

My heart melted in the midst of the tumult; I seemed to give myself up, and move as if drawn by some one whose arm was in mine, as if softly swept along, not forcibly, but with an utter consent of all my faculties to do I knew not what, for love of I knew not whom.

213 adverbs to describe how to  sweeps  - Adverbs for  sweeps
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