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152 adverbs to describe how to swings

Now, even as he spake came the sound of a distant tucket, the great gates of Belsaye swung wide, and forth rode a company of men-at-arms, their bascinets agleam 'neath the moon.

But Beltane stood awhile to swing the great blade lightly to and fro and to stare upon it with shining eyes.

He gazed at the vessel quickly and then called to Frank: "Port your helm hard!" Frank obeyed without question and the Bismarck swung about sharply.

Then taking me in his arms, he swung me aloft to his shoulder by a series of somersaults.

Finally we began to swing backward, getting lower and lower.

With a groaning and squeaking of rusty hinges, the heavy door swung inward, and the girls found themselves staring into a black well of hallway that seemed to have no windows anywhere.

Backwards, forwards he swung, with a tingling jar at the end of each sway, until he ached from his neck to his knees.

This time she caught his feet as they swung upward, and drew his legs around the plank.

Accordingly, Captain Wilson decided to come to anchor, and endeavor to keep the vessel afloat till daylight; and as soon as we came into six fathoms water the anchors were let go, and she swung round heavily in the furious waves, that threatened speedily to complete the work of destruction.

" Abruptly she swung away and left him.

' Nancy laughed again, and swung herself violently backwards and forwards.

They would, of course, swing north as soon as they were well out of sight from the house, and then they would head for the shack on the mountain-side, aiming to reach it at about the fall of twilight.

He swung outward on one foot in true circus ring fashion.

A scarlet woodbine swung lazily back and forth beyond the window.

And shoving Smith violently away he galloped after the cherry-colored car, caught it, swung himself aboard, and sank triumphant and breathless into the transverse seat behind that occupied by a wicker basket, a filmy summer frock, a big, white straw hat, anda girlthe most amazingly pretty girl he had ever laid eyes on.

Then the boat swung steadily down past the mouth of the Cherwell, and through the Gut to the starting-place.

" This began to be awkward; Miss Dallas, who never interferedon principlebetween husband and wife, gracefully took up the baby, and gracefully swung her dainty Geneva watch for the child's amusement, smiling brilliantly.

The gate swung open noiselessly a little way, and a tall man, clad in white flowing robes, with a deeply pock-marked face and a hooked nose, walked majestically in.

The Chinese cook flourished his rolling pin with one hand and swung his apron viciously with the other as he held open the screen door and swept out some imaginary flies.

Gradually the pack had swung eastward, until it was now fifty miles east and twenty miles south of the old home under the windfall.

Blindly and with all his might Dupont swung his right to the other's head, only to find it wasn't there.

And the soft wind crooned and whispered in the leavesleaves that parting, showed other shapes swung high in air, whose pallid faces looked down on them, awful-eyed, from the tender green, faces drawn and haggard, with teeth agleam or open mouths whence screams had come, but very silent now until the Day of Judgment.

The day he died, the flag swung lower on the staff.

One had a musket, but it looked as if he had no powder left, for it swung idly on his back.

The door closed behind her; she heard it softly swing on its hinges, and then came his light footfall close to her.

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