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These trees were all remarkably tall and straight, their branches all drawn close to the stems, and not spreading out as with us.

"After some little delay I heard a footstep come shuffling along the outer room, and an exceedingly tall and very old man entered the room, in the singular head-dress of a red bandanna turban, approached me, and introduced himself as Dr. Somerville, the husband.

He was encouraged to hunt, and sport, and practice all athletic games and exercises with the Nausett and Pequodee youths; and he was presented with such of the arms and ornaments of the lost Tekoa as were deemed suitable to his use, and his unusually tall and muscular figure.

You would consider me, I think, a man of average size; but I tell you that in my early life I was exceptionally tall, and I have no doubt it was my stature and presence to which I largely owed my preferment at the court of Alexander.

It is of the kind called arbor vitæ, and uncommonly tall and slender for one of this species; yet it does not seem to thrive well in a foreign soil.

The orders of the pilasters are immensely tall in proportion to the spaces they enclose.

For a long time, at the ungraceful age between twelve and eighteen, she had looked awkwardly tall, climbing trees like a boy.

They were enormously tall, and tremendously heavy.

"I can't rightly tall yo', Miss Olice.

Counter-jumpers go out to drink to the majesty of trade, having grown perceptibly taller since the play began.

She insisted that she had seen an unnaturally tall figure come beside her bed and stand there.

An indescribable and heavy odor fell upon him and for the moment overpowered his senses, and he found himself standing face to face with a figure prodigiously and portentously tall.

For a moment Monk made no reply; and Lanyard remarked a curious quivering of that excessively tall, excessively attenuated body, a real trembling, and suddenly understood that the absurd creature was being shaken by jealousy, by an enormous passion of jealousy, quite beyond his control, that shook him very much as a cat might shake a mouse.

His eyes fell on these lines, and he read them aloud to judge better of their effect: "At length I saw a lady within call, Stiller than chisell'd marble, standing there; A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, And most divinely fair.

On his head he wore a great tall leathern cap, and across his knees rested a stout quarterstaff of blackthorn, full as long and heavy as Robin's.

The thing he could not explain to himself was how anybody could be so horribly tall.

The artisthe was an extraordinarily tall young man, with a keen hatchet face, restless brown eyes, and straight auburn hair parted accurately in the middleconsidered for a moment, then nodded.

She was strangely, not inconsiderably taller.

An incredibly tall figure, which could not possibly be human, was wandering across the terrace with slow steps.

The latter were not infrequently taller than a horseman's head.

His body, extremely lean, and inordinately tall, was smeared over with tallow mixed up with gold dust.

Robert noticed that the men, spending their lives in the open air and having abundant and wholesome food, were invariably tall and big of bone.

Men are merely taller children.

He was a mighty tall man, very well made, rather lean, face rather round in shape, a high forehead, fine eyebrows, complexion reddish and brown, fine black eyes, large, lively, piercing; well-opened; a glance majestic and gracious when he cared for it, otherwise stern and fierce, with a tic that did not recur often, but that affected his eyes and his whole countenance, and struck terror.

It is a tame, moderately tall, quadrangular edifice, flanked with stone buttresses, heavy enough to crush in its sides, fronted with a plain gable, pierced with a few prosaic windows, and surmounted with collateral turrets and a small bell fit for a school-house, and calculated to swivel whilst being worked quite as much as any other piece of sacred bell-metal in the Hundred of Amounderness.

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