69 adverbs to describe how to tasted

For several ages, it was pronounced unlawful to slaughter oxen, from an estimate of their great value in assisting men to cultivate the ground; nor was it usual to kill young animals, from a sentiment which considered it cruel to take away the life of those that had scarcely tasted the joys of existence.

In poets as true genius is but rare, True taste as seldom is the critic's share; Both must alike from heaven derive their light, These born to judge, as well as those to write.

He rarely tasted wine, nor more than half a glass, mingled with water, when he did.

We silently offered him a bowl of the soup as he sat in a corner fenced off from the rest of us by a small table; but he barely tasted it, and after a bit he lay down in his corner, with his arm for a pillow, and almost instantly was asleep, breathing heavily, like a man on the verge of exhaustion.

I will outhumour you, [I will] Fight with you and lose my life, ere these Shall taste your wrong, whom you are bound to love.

Every night we danced in hot rooms and ate strange bad-tasting food.

Before the second act there was heard a sweet noise of still pipes, which sounding, Lucrece entered, attended by a maiden of honour with a covered goddard of gold, and, drawing the curtains, she offereth unto Gismunda to taste thereof; which when she had done, the maid returned, and Lucrece raiseth up Gismunda from her bed, and then it followeth ut in act ii.

A table, the first that I had seen in a Persian house, was covered with a handsome cloth, and set out with the most magnificent fruits, sherbets, and various delicacies, which had been prepared by my host herself; among the sweetmeats were sugared almonds and fruits, which not only appeared inviting, but tasted deliciously.

Every evening an excellent pillau was made with good-tasting fat, frequently with dried grapes or plums.

How gaily murmur and how sweetly taste The fountains

I know not whether its waters are ever tasted nowadays; but not the less does Leamingtonin pleasant Warwickshire, at the very midmost point of England, in a good hunting neighborhood, and surrounded by country-seats and castlescontinue to be a resort of transient visitors, and the more permanent abode of a class of genteel, unoccupied, well-to-do, but not very wealthy people, such as are hardly known among ourselves.

" "Know you a poison," asked Marcia, "that will not harm one who merely tastes it, but will kill whoever drinks a quantity?

how eagerly he would taste of its every pleasure, how eagerly he would drain every cup, before his teeth should fall out, before his limbs should grow feeble, before the blood should be chilled in his veins.

The Federals have decidedly a taste for gallantry.

10. 'The present joys of life we doubly taste, By looking back with pleasure to the past.' 95.

" In the sacred precincts of the Penniman parlour Wilbur Cowan raised the wineglass to his lips and tasted doubtingly.

How exquisitely such dishes taste when we are familiar with their historical associations!

He broke a fragment from the thin edge and tasted it almost fearfully.

If the dessert fails, she hastily interrupts her repast, leaves the master to continue his alone, buries herself in the surrounding woods, reaches in three bounds the tops of the trees, and quickly returns with a supply of fruits which he can fearlessly taste, for she knows them.

"Six quarts of juice from one part of the above pears, and two of ripe apples, (orange and girard,) treated with eight drachms of chalk and the whites of two eggs, yielded twenty-six ounces of very fine-tasted sugar, superior to the preceding.

It was explained to them gently, but firmly, that if they touched my ekkas or landau they would taste the waters of the Jhelum.

Under other circumstances than these the liberal professions prove all-devouring: there is a rush for public functions; manual toil is regarded with contempt; luxury increases and becomes necessary; and wealth and power are furiously appropriated by assault in order that one may greedily taste the voluptuousness of enjoyment.

"Truly, it is a wondrous thing," quoth the Beggar, "I would have made my vow, to see the masterly manner in which thou didst tuck away yon pot of ale, that thou hadst not tasted clear water for a brace of months.

Pleasures too hastily tasted grow sweeter in fond recollection, As the pomegranate plucked green ripens far over the sea.

Adj. pungent, strong; high-, full-flavored; high-tasted, high-seasoned; gamy, sharp, stinging, rough, piquant, racy; biting, mordant; spicy; seasoned &c v.; hot, hot as pepper; peppery, vellicating^, escharotic^, meracious^; acrid, acrimonious, bitter; rough &c (sour) 397; unsavory &c 395.

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