53 adverbs to describe how to tax

The number of ladies present was even greater than on the first day, and the resources of the ushers were severely taxed to find accommodation for them all.

This commission must decide what Germany can pay each year, and must see that her payments, added to the budget, fall upon her taxpayers at least to the extent of the allied country most heavily taxed.

Farther, I deny not but he has taxed us justly, in some irregularities of ours; which he has mentioned.

He was previously aware that Ireland was more lightly taxed than the rest of the empire.

Compromises were occasionally agreed to, and although there was a good deal of bad temper and recrimination, there was very little violence, and the men whose patience had been sorely taxed, behaved themselves admirably, earning the respect of the soldiers who were on guard to preserve order.

That the method proposed would therefore tax the Southern States according to their numbers and their wealth conjunctly, while the Northern would be taxed on numbers only: that negroes in fact should not be considered as members of the State, more than cattle, and that they have no more interest in it.

Parlour, you would fancy your self in an India Ware-house: Besides this she keeps a Squirrel, and I am doubly taxed to pay for the China he breaks.

If, after taking exercise, we feel fatigued and irritable, are subject to headache and sleeplessness, or find it difficult to apply the mind to its work, it is plain that we have been taxing our strength unduly, and the warnings should be heeded.

They used to call our nobility, in the time of Louis XIV and Louis XV, cruel, but they did not kill, they merely taxed.

On the other hand, the memory should be specially taxed in youth, since it is then that it is strongest and most tenacious.

It may probably soon become a question with the latter, whether they will consent to pay a million annually more for West India sugar than for other of like quality, or, which is the same thing, whether they will allow themselves to be taxed annually to the amount of a million sterling to support West Indian slavery.

If, however, it be considered that income consisting of dividends pays the tax, it follows that the stockholder's income is taxed no matter how small it may be.

So jolly, Jolly, 'We tax the tea, but love is free, Sweet Molly, Molly!'

This is taxed locally.

Are not the Queen, the ministers, the majority of Lords and Commons, loudly taxed in print with this charge against them at full length?

But in England, during the reign of the Corn Law, the food which the people put into their mouths was the article mainly taxed, and made cruelly costly by the working of protection.

Nor will I meanly tax her constancy, That interest or obligement made the tie Bound to the fate of murder'd monarchy.

Even human strength, by a certain mode of applying it, might be made effectual to the accomplishment of a very sufficient rate of motion, say fourteen or fifteen miles an hour, for, continuously, as long a period as the natural strength of man, moderately taxed, could endure, and which we may reckon at twelve hours.

And yet, no further back than 1841, the Legislative Council voted 60,000 pounds to encourage immigration, thus needlessly taxing the colony to aid in producing a disastrous result, which certainly, however, no one seems to have foreseen.

In every seaportCharleston, Annapolis, Philadelphia, New York, Bostonthe people were refusing to receive the newly-taxed tea.

The impost they had voted, notably the salt-tax, had met with violent opposition.

Mrs Hardman had purposely invited Catherine Dodbury, that she might observe her son's conduct towards that young lady, and extract from it a sufficient ground for taxing him openly with a preference for her over the belle she had chosen.

They were taxed oppressively, while they were not allowed a representation.

She followed panting, leaning against the wall for support, for 'Dolph was no light burden, and his weight taxed her hurt leg painfully.

" Many coincidences in life may seem to border on superstition, without any existing reality; and, although never personally taxed with the sin of superstition, yet the following circumstance brings strongly to my remembrance what passed relative to my friend and patron.

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