155 adverbs to describe how to tear

The Boy stood quite still, submitting his heart to that first quick rending and tearing asunder which is only the initial agony of parting.

His clothing was literally torn to shreds, and he was covered with blood.

Before he had finished, the lion sprang upon him, caught him by the shoulder, and began shaking and tearing him so badly that he was utterly overcome.

Heedless of the warning cries of the others, Dick tore madly to the body, and with a wild cry fell upon the lifeless figure, weltering in blood.

MONTGOMERY PENDRAGON, in his room in Gospeler's Gulch, reads Southern tragedies in an old copy of the New Orleans Picayune, until two o'clock, when he hastily tears up all his soiled paper collars, packs a few things into a travelling satchel, and, with the latter slung over his shoulder, and a Kehoe's Indian club in his right hand, is met in the hall by his tutor, the Gospeler.

These marks of affectionate regard the savages had rudely torn away; and not content with this, they had even, in some instances, removed the fresh-laid turf, and dug up the earth, so as to expose the coffins that lay beneath.

The room to which he retired for the night had a confused and desolate aspect; the curtains seemed to have been violently torn down from the bed, and still hung in tatters around itthe table seemed to have been broken by some violent concussion, and the fragments of various pieces of furniture lay scattered upon the floor.

Refreshed by the cool water, he then looked out for something to allay his hunger, and killing a gor, he lighted a fire and roasted it, and regaled upon its savory flesh, which he eagerly tore from the bones.

He drew a little sigh of relief and deliberately tore in halves the agreement which he had been holding.

But here he was ruthlessly tearing aside the veil of secrecy.

Repellin, Chanay, Rantion, were forcibly torn from their seats.

The elephants, however, are often dreadfully torn; and a large old tiger clings too fast to be thus dealt with.

Collins closed the door, tore open the envelope nervously, and ran his eyes quickly over the contents.

The earl your spouse Hath sent defiance to the king your husband, And, like a tried tall soldier, fled his holds In Marchland, where he knows, despite of him And all the men that he therein can raise, King John could have sent dogs enou' to tear Their ill-arm'd bodies piecemeal, ere his bands Should with base blood have stain'd their noble hands.

Bye-and-bye, however, the rush began, and by the time we had struck the tents, there could not have been fewer than 150 vultures, hissing and spitting at each other like angry cats; trampling each other to the dust to get at the carcases; and tearing wildly with talon and beak for a place.

This word "Sedan" had been like a veil abruptly torn aside.

No more those pearly tears of thine fall useless in the dust No more the jealous fear distract thy bosom with mistrust.

"Your young guv'nor's the right sort, Pottinger," he remarked as Stafford at last reluctantly tore himself away from the stables.

" CHAPTER XII THE MACHINE Seated in one of the billowy tapestry chairs of the Maple Leaf Club, with a mahogany ash-stand at his elbow and the morning paper in his hand, the Cabinet Minister gave an exclamation which began far down in the throat, tore upward past his immaculate collar, and came forth as a full-sized round word of great emphasis and carrying power.

"Well, do it now," remarked Frank, and Andy tore the end off hurriedly.

The doctor moved just ahead of me, quickly and silently; he was making straight for the Canadian's tent where the sides still boomed and shook as the creature of sinister life raced and tore about impatiently within.

Sobs came, but only the dry kind that beat in the throat and then come shrilly, like a sheet of silk swiftly torn.

There, still wrapped in its carelessly torn off postal wrappings, lay the box containing the ruby ring which Jessica Bremner had returned.

Then he took a sheet of the stamped notepaper of Frampton Court, tore it roughly, at the fold, and on the unstamped half inscribed several characters in Chinese, using a pencil with a fat, soft lead for this purpose.

Asenath, when she had locked her door, put her lamp before the looking-glass and tore off her gray cape; tore it off so savagely that the button snapped and rolled away,two little crystal semicircles like tears upon the floor.

155 adverbs to describe how to  tear  - Adverbs for  tear
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