53 adverbs to describe how to thicks

I've a tolerably thick hide, but if they didn't bite me some, I wouldn't say so.

Then the tongue takes the centre of the scene, by becoming unusually thick and prominent, to the point of projecting beyond the mouth at all times, and interfering with breathing, when the infant is in a recumbent position.

The right or northward horn was to be considerably thicker and of more body than the left or southern.

Mix the arrowroot with as much cold milk as will make it into a smooth batter, moderately thick; put the remainder of the milk into a stewpan with the lemon-peel, and let it infuse for about 1/2 hour; when it boils, strain it gently to the batter, stirring it all the time to keep it smooth; then add the butter; beat this well in until thoroughly mixed, and sweeten with moist sugar.

The trees were splendid specimens of forest growth, enormously thick, beautifully umbrageous, and growing very close together.

These bones are remarkably thick and strong, and are specially adapted to resist the injury to which this part of the face is exposed.

Pine trees pushed their way through the clefts; clumps of trees, scarcely thicker at the roots than tufts of grass, fringed the crests and hung over the abyss.

In the merry month of May O towards the close of day Methought I heard at last O the gentle nightingale, The lady and the mistress of all musick; She sits down ever in the dale Singing with her notès smale And quavering them wonderfully thick.

Yale Courant. ~O Hero.~ Out into the mud and the wet he goes, My hero, tall and strong; Under his jersey the muscle shows, And, Samson-like, his dark hair grows Delightfully thick and long.

So I stood up and looked with a satisfaction impossible to describe across the acres of my small domain, marking where in the low spots the crop seemed heaviest, where it was lodged and tangled by the wind and the rain, and where in the higher spaces it grew scarce thick enough to cover the sad baldness of the knolls.

The pillars of the nave are immensely thick, but hardly of proportionate height, and they support the round Norman arch; nor is there, as far as I remember, a single pointed arch in the cathedral.

If you desire to have the meringue extra thick, add the whites of one or more eggs.

His beard went all round under his chin, and was clipped into the appearance of a stiff thick hedgeequally thick, and equally broad, and equally protrusive at all parts.

His voice went suddenly horribly thick, a bubbling, liquid sound.

The walls of the building were hugely thick, and there were double doors of oak between the chambers, and Alice thought, with a sigh, how completely separated they were going to be.

The tules grow inconceivably thick in places, standing man-high above the water; cattle, no, not any fish nor fowl can penetrate them.

On account of the wind and cold in winter its walls are incredibly thick.

About forty-five years of age, he is a man of medium build, conspicuously near-sighted, wears inordinately thick "Teddy Roosevelt eye-glasses," and is in his whole bearing a "real" Westerner of unusually affable personality.

The original Monitor is 174 by 44-1/2 feet, with 5-inch side-armor, and a turret 8 inches thick, 20 feet in diameter inside, and armed with two 11-inch guns.

In some kinds of palm the stem is irregularly thick; in others, slender as a reed.

Previously to adding the lemon-juice to the other ingredients, ascertain that it is very nicely strained, as, if this is not properly attended to, it is liable to make the jelly thick and muddy.

If it hadn't been dusk you would have seen that I gave you a dark green leather letter-casequite different from this, though of about the same lengthrather less thick, and" Frantically she began ransacking the crevice between the seat and back of the sofa, but nothing was there.

"I can't explain ityou'd have to see himhis lipshis thick, loose awful lips!" "Ann," he whispered.

He carried an umbrella little thicker than a walking-stick, and wrote out his list of dishes with a massive gold pencil.

"Me an' Miss Hep. is meeterly thick now, I tell ye," summed up Ted at the conclusion of his tale.

53 adverbs to describe how to  thicks  - Adverbs for  thicks
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