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755 adverbs to describe how to thought

I explained at considerable length that my view did not concern the general subject, on which I had scarcely thought, so much as the individual mode of management of my father's estate.

" said the other, shaking his head in a mournful manner, "wait till you're as old as I am: when you're close on fifteen you'll think differently about love and all that sort of thing.

"It is a great institution," I said, or rather thought aloud, one beautiful summer morning, as my wife was dressing the baby.

" She was thinking so deeply that she did not reply.

He didn't like the Republic, honestly thought it would never succeed with the Republicans (la Republique sans Republicains was for him its only chance)and he certainly had illusions and thought his friends and advisers would succeed in making and keeping a firm conservative government.

It makes me think less meanly of myself.

They must have realized the great danger of the situation, but they very likely may have thought that by another piece of bluff similar to that of 1908-9 they might intimidate Russia a second time; and they believed that Russia was behindhand in her military preparations.

Nevertheless he would have liked Paul to marry Catrina Lanovitch in preference to Etta Sydney Bamborough, merely because he thought that the former loved him, while he felt sure that the latter did not.

G. was born, I verily think, without original sin, but chooses to have a conscience, as every Christian gentleman should have; his dear old face is insusceptible of the twist they call a sneer, yet he is apprehensive of being suspected of that ugly appearance.

" "Pray," said Miss Annual, to Lucius Junius Brutus, "which is commonly thought to be the best of his works; that on aaa,or that on e ee?"

Don't think badly of me; I have meant well.

I thought too justly he that conquer'd me Had a sufficient power to captive thee; Thou'st now reveng'd thy Father's shame and thine, In taking thus Philander's Life and mine.

One of the things that is a monumental astonishment to me, is that when we need supplication, intercession, prayer for the averting of great personal or national calamity, we flee to the Church, but we seldom think of the Church when we need brains!

" I thought of him afterward when an angry crowd was battering at the doors of one of the salons where the royalties were having refreshments.

It nettled me to have to shoot with a strange weapon, and I thought too lightly of the mark.

I was continually thinking of all these possibilities, and I must say that my outlook seemed desperate.

And youyou approach me, after I don't dare to think how many years, as calmly as if I were an old schoolmate of your mother's, and attempt to talk to me about mutton-chops!

They were very hungry and were in the midst of a good meal, in the presence of a Czecho-Slovak guard, when a Corporal and two gunners from our Battery, passing outside the house and hearing some language being spoken within, which they recognised to be neither English not Italian, rightly thought it their duty to enter and investigate the matter.

All this I thought over a little sadly, as I sat at home that night; and not without some self-questioning as to my own place in the world.

"I wonder if she'll come or if she's tiring of me," thought Dave Darrin bitterly.

Lord Nick is coming to The Corner; and no matter what you've done so farI think I could quiet him.

We waited, therefore, conversing among ourselves about what had been said, and considering it again, and sometimes speaking about our calamity, how severe it would be to us, sincerely thinking that, like those who are deprived of a father, we should pass the rest of our life as orphans.

The Boy vaguely thought it looked familiar, before the Sister, blushing faintly, said: "We hope you won't go before we have time to repair it.

Personally I think that you can win Lord Nick back with one minute of smiling.

Let me think awhile.

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