92 adverbs to describe how to towards

As we went forward, the sound became plainer continually, showing that we were heading straight toward it.

Failing in this, down he plunged fifty feet straight towards the bottom, making the reel hiss by his mad efforts to escape.

If the carver manages cleverly, he will be able to cut a very large number of fine slices off the breast, and the more so if he commences close down by the wing, and carves upwards towards the ridge of the breastbone.

" He moved slowly, deliberately toward the door, around the table.

but I know that, as I drew the cangiar, the basest and the slyest of all the devils was whispering me, tongue in cheek: 'Kill, killand be merry.' With excruciating slowness, like a crawling glacier, tender as a nerve of the touching leaves, I moved, I stole, obliquely toward her through the wall of bush, the knife behind my back.

Even after this I felt so kindly, so affectionately toward him that I was unwilling to wage war on him because of his insulting my sister, or because he neglected the children she had borne him, or because he preferred the Egyptian woman to her, or because he bestowed upon the former's children practically all your possessions, or, in fine, for any other reason.

Through an open door she saw a lamp-lit room where her lover knelt beside a bedsaw a man's arm reach feebly toward himand saw no more.

Without much precision of purpose, he walked diagonally across the street, northward toward a large faded sign that read, "Killibrew's Grocery."

" "Good night, fellows, and thank you for the grub you gave me?" laughed Bluff, as he waved his hand mockingly toward the group.

If this be so, we must bear with her romance, remembering that, at all events, romance serves to elevate, while realism tends undoubtedly toward deterioration.

He looked as though he were trotting relentlessly toward some wolfish goal of satisfied hunger.

While gazing at her in this cold disapproval, he noted with increased annoyance that she then turned and looked long and wistfully toward the forest path.

For income the original promoters looked mainly toward a South Sea passage, gold mines, fisheries, Indian trade, and the production of silk, wine and naval stores.

He whispered her name, and as she, alarmed and shuddering, looked up at him, he stretched out his arms imploringly toward her.

He raised his hands impotently toward heaven.

What do you see?" He was looking eagerly, intently toward the long, low headland beyond the town of Aratat.

The Captain, reserved in his conduct toward the men, seldom spoke to one of them except concerning duties, yet he was very sympathetic in personal matters, and in private talk was more courteous and kind toward a private than toward an equal.

He did not once look toward the tea room, but as he came opposite to it he turned from the pavement and crossed the street leisurely toward us.

And, presently, as he watched, he saw a small figure emerge from behind the big hay-stack and come striding manfully toward him, his bundle upon his shoulder, and with the moon bright in his curls.

One day he stood beside the creek, gazing absent-mindedly toward the hillside.

Merry was trying to hide her tears, and kept her head obstinately toward the window.

The ice once broken, my mother-in-law's heart thawed perceptibly toward Lillian.

All told me the same story, but generally with more passion, sometimes with defiance; defiance toward the Government, I mean, and not toward me personally; for the better classes of Charleston are eminently courteous.

The Major looked at them through a glass long and eagerly, and then waving his hand proudly toward them, turned to us, and said with a burst of patriotic enthusiasm, "You see before you my countrythe great Russian Empire!"

" By that wrist he drew her resistlessly toward him, and his other arm went about her and crushed her close; hate, shame, rage, love were in the contorted face above her.

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