111 adverbs to describe how to tracing

I saw rays from it coming in through the parted curtains, and distinctly traced tree-branches wavering to and fro out in the night-wind, set astir as the moon came up.

He cleaves the air like a bullet, and so swift is his career that the eye can scarcely trace his flight.

" It would be hard to compress the story of a cold and luckless life, death, and burial into fewer words, or more impressive ones; at least, we found them impressive, perhaps because we had to re-create the inscription by scraping away the lichens from the faintly traced letters.

AN OUTLINE NARRATIVE (Tracing briefly the causes, connections, and consequences of the great events.)

But the result of Beauty can never be such; when it seems otherwise, the effect, we think, can readily be traced to other causes, as we shall presently endeavour to show.

Of this distance the topography was accurately traced by Captain Douglass and his assistant, Mr. Trowbridge.

recognize, recollect, bethink oneself, recall, call up, retrace; look back, trace back, trace backwards; think back, look back upon; review; call upon, recall upon, bring to mind, bring to remembrance; carry one's thoughts back; rake up the past.

The sight started a train of thoughts, and I began to trace, dimly, that the attack on this house, might have a far deeper significance than I had, hitherto, imagined.

He looked at the name which was delicately traced in one corner with a strange sense of pleasure: Evadne.

The bushes were matted, and the trees overhung us, so that the place was disagreeably gloomy; though not dark enough to hide from me the fact that many of the trees were fruit trees, and that, here and there, one could trace indistinctly, signs of a long departed cultivation.

The practice of writing is of such remote antiquity that neither sacred nor profane authors can satisfactorily trace its origin.

I fondly trace Thy strong enchantments, when the poet's lyre, The painter's pencil catch thy sacred fire, And beauty wakes for thee her touching grace

" THE MEN AND WOMEN, AND THE MONKEYS A FABLE When beasts by words their meanings could declare, Some well-drest men and women did repair To gaze upon two monkeys at a fair: And one who was the spokesman in the place Said, in their count'nance you might plainly trace The likeness of a wither'd old man's face.

In 1821, he executed a very extensive journey through the Miami of the Lakes and the River Wabash, tracing those streams minutely to the entrance of the latter into the Ohio River.

But the record fair That memory keeps, of all thy kindness there, Still outlives many a storm that has effaced A thousand other themes less deeply traced.

The Roumanians trace their ancestry proudly, if somewhat dubiously, back to the old Roman colonists of the days of Rome's world empire.

I think it would be wise for you to trace the path backward from Calvary to Sinai.

For a few miles the road lay over a barren plateau; then it skirted a desolate gorge with barely a trace of vegetation upon its naked sides, save the desert loving box clinging to the white stones.

They have no share in that wonderful art; let us therefore leave them, and trace it up higher.

This gradual elevation of moral standards, or growth in the recognition of the sacredness of life and the obligation to other individuals, can be traced historically as a long and confused process.

Care should be taken to trace any movement of troops westward."

The fourth of the fundamental processes (which may be traced downward into the material world, since the corporeal and the psychical differ only in degree and pass over into each other) is the combination of mental products according to the measure of their similarity, as these come to light in the formation of judgments, comparisons, witticisms, of collective images, collective feelings, and collective desires.

Afar to the south, through cloud and storm, we could just trace the white outline of the Swiss Alps.

Yet, while I joyfully prepare to revisit my own country, my mind involuntarily traces the rapid succession of calamities which have filled this period, and dwells with painful contemplation on those changes in the morals and condition of the French people that seem hitherto to be the only fruits which they have produced.

A la trace de Dieu.

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