50 adverbs to describe how to trailed

SEE Benjamine, Elbert. BENNETT, BILLY L. Danger trails north.

Somewhere she found the strength of a man to lift him and place him face upward on the sand, the gun trailing limply in his hand.

At that thought he set off to crawl homewards upon his hands and knees, with suppressed groans, as his foot trailed uselessly along the ground.

If I had a drink of water" His voice trailed off feebly, and he looked about rather helplessly.

So I began "the book about Manuel" that summer,in 1919, upon the back porch of our cottage at the Rockbridge Alum Springs, whence, as I recall it, one could always, just as Manuel did upon Upper Morven, regard the changing green and purple of the mountains and the tall clouds trailing northward, and could observe that the things one viewed were all gigantic and lovely and seemed not to be very greatly bothering about humankind.

There's a moon, 'silver mo-oo-on'" His voice trailed lazily into song.

" His voice trailed off huskily.

Rather he was dragged between them, his feet trailing weakly and aimlessly behind him, his whole body sinking with flabby terror.

Next followa mournful processionsuicidal faces, saved against their wills from drowning; dolefully trailing a length of reluctant gratefulness, with ropy weeds pendant from locks of watchet hue-constrained LazariPluto's half-subjectsstolen fees from the grave-bilking Charon of his fare.

" The regimental bands played the next day; the distant cannonade had ceased; sunshine fell from a cloudless sky, and the army watched a military balloon, the "Intrepid," high glistening above the river, its cables trailing in gracious curves earthward.

So ended Thor's love-making and Muskwa's first fighting; and together they trailed eastward again, to face the most terrible peril that had ever come into the mountains for four-footed beast-a peril that was merciless, a peril from which there was no escape, a peril that was fraught with death.

You are all fairly good woodsmen by this time, and can trail by signs as effectively as first-class scouts.

Below its gates a stretch of waste land, endlessly trailed over by mules and camels, sloped down to the mouth of the Bou-Regreg, the blue-brown river dividing it from Rabat.

A bell was touched in the high hall, and Vina Nettleton's plaintive tone trailed forth: "Won't you come right inpleaseinto my muddy room?

Pretty vines trailed gracefully over the porch and windows, and a few flower beds filled up the dull nooks and corners.

I don't want to live like that, with a long train of old memories and traditions and friendships and furniture trailing helplessly behind me.

It was a melancholy company that trailed homeward after this contest past the Lanesboro pond; but since then I understand that times have changed.

" I thanked her, dressed, and then humbly trailed down to dinner in the wake of my gorgeous party.

She had drifted, drifted like one in a canoe trailing her fingers idly in the clear water and never noting when the little craft was caught by a steady, purposeful current.

They will snap a finger off a hand incautiously trailed in the water; they mutilate swimmersin every river town in Paraguay there are men who have been thus mutilated; they will rend and devour alive any wounded man or beast; for blood in the water excites them to madness.

" Mrs. Sykes voice trailed off indistinctly as Esther rounded the veranda corner and stood by the rose bush before the doctor's door.

He rose and stepped in his noiseless way behind her, but he reappeared instantly on the other side, and reached out his hand to where her fingers trailed limp from the arm of the chair.

The road was one of the worst we encountered anywhere, being at times merely a rough, rocky trail over and among huge piles of lava blocks.

She could not help laughing, and her laughter trailed away musically in her excitement.

They noisily trailed the lioness into camp, where, finding her chained, they formed a ring around her.

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