14 adverbs to describe how to transact

"I transacted my business successfully, thank you," said Sir Timothy, gravely.

Then he turned back to the woman before whom this matter had been transacted aloud, and said, 'Well, go ahead!

"We are not at the Theatre Molière, but, I presume, in an office where business is transacted both briefly and with discretion.

She, the mother-in-law of Caesar and wife of Antony, had no respect for Lepidus because of his slothfulness, and herself managed affairs, so that neither the senate nor the people dared transact any business contrary to her pleasure.

Jack has more business than he can conveniently transact in one house; he has therefore one habitation near Bow-church, and another about a mile distant.

He had business still to transact ere he departed, a new battle to fight.

There are many fine buildings and monuments in this city; and the streets in which business is not extensively transacted, are planted with Lombardy poplar, locust, and pride-of-china trees,the last mentioned especially afford a fine shade.

He could read, write, cipher, and transact business so intelligently that his master often committed important trusts to his care.

No insurance company can legally transact business in the state until it has satisfied the commissioner that its methods of insurance and its financial condition are such as to give the security promised to those insured by it.

It was this council which mainly transacted the business of the state-making, for instance, the preliminary arrangements for war, appointing levies and enlistments, nominating the general, and associating with him a number of gerusiasts from whom the sub-commanders were regularly taken; and to it despatches were addressed.

As Lord Auckland was just quitting office, to go to India, I was introduced to Mr Charles Wood, the Secretary of the Admiralty, with whom principally the subsequent business was transacted.

I think that it will be best to place a single man at the head of affairs, as M. Maurepas was formerly; and if it be settled in this way, the king would thus escape having to transact business with each individual minister separately, and affairs would proceed more uniformly and more steadily.

" "In other words," replied Mrs. Marvin, "a rich corporation justifies its methods on the grounds that it has a right to transact business on a scale corresponding to its pecuniary abilitythere is no question of morality involved.

Decidedly we are of opinion that the Governor-General in Council will be all the more likely to transact business wisely, if he has a responsible Indian adviser at his elbow.

14 adverbs to describe how to  transact  - Adverbs for  transact