388 adverbs to describe how to treating

If you think you have been treated badly, you should speak to Freycinet."

Some were in irons, one was sewn up in a sail cloth, and all had been cruelly treated.

Nevertheless, as he was cook that week, he could not bring himself to treat altogether lightly his office of Master of the Feast.

She, however, treated him so harshly that he dared not live there altogether.

Surely you do not so misunderstand me as to think I counselled you to treat myself differently from others?

I felt then that I could treat him roughly, after the fashion of the placewhich he said had got into me.

"But after you have been treated so heartlessly, so unkindly,and left, poor thing!

You may strip Germany of her colonies, reduce her armaments to a mere police force and her navy to that of a fifth-rate power; all the same, in the end, if she feels that she has been unjustly treated in the peace of 1919, she will find means of exacting retribution from her conquerors.

"He's as sour and crabbed in looks as he is in disposition, and has treated Uncle John's advances shamefully.

"Of course," she said, more gently, "I shan't give you away unless I see that the Prince is being treated unfairly.

"Treat with reverence due to age the elders in your own family, so that those in the families of others shall be similarly treated; treat with the kindness due to youth the young in your own family, so that those in the families of others shall be similarly treateddo this and the kingdom may be made to go round in your palm.

He treated me most civilly, despite some whisperings which went on behind my back, and shortly after sent me a courteous invitation to serve on his staff.

but I'll make you see some that will dazzle you, if you don't treat your superior more respectfully.

And though the faults of parents are to be tenderly treated by their children, yet in the case of great crimes the son may have leave to speak even to his own mother with some harshness, so as that harshness is meant for her good, and to turn her from her wicked ways, and not done for the purpose of upbraiding.

Mistress Dorothy resented his language, treated him coldly, and finally departed, leaving him decidedly angry.

'But we shall treat England rather less severely than France,' said this bland apostle of Prussian culture, 'for we wish to make it possible for ourselves to remain in friendly relations with other English-speaking peoples.'

I could not run the risk of their being treated rudely.

They were as kind to me as though I had been a brother, and treated me courteously always.

He must be "humanely treated," so it is prescribed, and when he is questioned by his captors he must give his true name and the rank he holds in the army which has been defeated and of which he was once a part.

Dr. Corrigan published, about three years ago, an account of some cases very successfully treated by nearly similar means.

You may treat a glacier cavalierly, but Miners' Law is a serious matter.

Of these I shall treat very briefly, as they are a branch of the subject which does not necessarily come within the compass of my present plan.

The idea that the Count, that worthy leader of the metropolitan ton, had put into his head, was not to be treated contemptuously.

Then he told me that the young woman I had seen had been brutally treated by Sir Horace.

Admiral NORRIS here rose up, and spoke thus:Sir, I am not conscious that my conduct in any part of my life has exposed me to be justly treated with contempt and ridicule, and what I have not deserved I will not bear.

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