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From his fellow-worker who waited in the shadow of the trees outside, he learned that John Thomas had been secured in the body but not in spirit.

When the infantry started on the march, divisions and brigades had allotted to them particular areas for their march routes, and all over that country, where scarcely a tree or native hut existed to make a landmark, there were dotted small arrow-pointed boards with the direction 'A road,' 'B road,' 'Z road,' as the case might be.

They also concealed some dry wood in the hollow of a tree nearby, so that later on they might be prepared for making a fire.

The peepul trees rustle softly overhead, the languorous soft air laps them round, the scent of the East is in their nostrils, but their eyes are with their hearts, and is this what they see?

"The trees which at present form so much of the beauty of Greenwich Park were planted by Evelyn, and if he could now see them he would call them 'goodly trees,' at least some of them.

Literally, "the tree of life"; a name given to the peculiar appearance presented by a section of the cerebellum.

And when we stopped at a thrifty-looking village, with neat, homelike houses, open grounds, and lordly shade-trees, I found myself saying under my breath, "Now, then, we are getting back into God's country.

A mosely tree grows crooked; I don't care how straight you put it in the ground, it's goin' to grow crooked.

On hearing my story he said he thought the matter could be settled, and asked me to meet him at 1 P.M. under a Nim tree north of the Collectorate, when he would bring a man to me who was able to do all we wished.

Among these are some specimens of unexampled beauty, notably a tree, the wood of which, when polished, resembles veined marble, and another, rivaling in beauty the feathers in a peacock's tail.

The hills which surround the bay are rocky; and although they are not deficient in wood and grass the soil is very shallow; and the trees, principally of eucalyptus, are of stunted growth.

A thin turf covered it; here and there were thickets; more rarely trees.

Heir to the king of the Matsyas, and born in a noble family, why should I, O prince, make thee do such a reproachable deed?'" Vaisampayana said, "Thus addressed by Partha, Virata's son, decked in ear-rings, alighted from the car, and climbed up that Sami tree reluctantly.

Of strictly Oriental trees and shrubs and flowers, perhaps the majority of Anglo Indians think with much less enthusiasm than of the common weeds of England.

I had progressed in this fashion for perhaps forty yards, when quite unexpectedly both the trees and the railings came to an end.

Then while his streaming blood Half-blinded him, he hastened to the wood, And a small tree upon his shoulders bore, And fixed it fast against the oaken door, That none might issue forth.

Then we passed, on the left as we ascended the stream, the mountain on whose summit I tried with my binocular to discern the Astronaut, but unsuccessfully, the trees on the lower slopes intercepting the view.

Instead of the thorn would come up the fir-tree, and instead of the brier the myrtle-tree.

The Italian vineyards are not planted like those in France, but in clumps, fastened to trees planted in equal ranks (commonly fruit-trees), and continued in festoons from one to another, which I have turned into covered galleries of shade, that I can walk in the heat without being incommoded by it.

Between Galway Bay and the wide estuary of the Shannon spread the moorlands of Clare, bleak under Atlantic gales, with never a tree for miles inward from the sea.

Labillardiere : Snowdrop Tree : 25 to 30 : 4 to 6 inches.

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