51 adverbs to describe how to trip

Come then, let us dance together and trip it lightly to and fromerrily, merrily!

Shaw saw a smart-looking woman gaily tripping along the road, and his heart failed.

Come then, let us dance together and trip it lightly to and fromerrily, merrily!

"I was going to make a trip south this month," he said, "on my way home from here.

He staggered back a step, and I deftly tripped him up, so that he fell with a crash on the hard floor.

" The day wound up and rounded out most fittingly with a trip eastward along the lines to the German siege investments in front of Rheims.

We have got some five or six of them fairly underweigh, as Jack would say, and hope the remainder will speedily trip their anchors and follow.

His love for it was somewhat like that which the friar has for his cell; but this cell was a secular one, and entering it after a tempestuous night on the bridge, or a trip ashore in most curious and foreign ports, he found it always the same, with his papers and books untouched on the table, his clothes hanging from their hooks, his photographs fixed on the walls.

I plunged among the bushes, tripping headlong, tumbling over roots, and scraping my face as I tore this way and that among the preventing branches.

" Some two hours later, as Betty sat watching in her chamber window, she saw the horses led around to the front door, and shortly after knew from the sounds below that Pamela and Dolly wore bidding the young officers good-by; so, waiting until the sound of their horses' feet had died away in the distance, Betty, with outward composure but much inward dismay, tripped softly downstairs and knocked at the door of the library.

Koogah asked, tripping craftily over the strange word.

At last the "Celebrated Cypriot Brothers, the Universal Bareback Riders," came tripping gracefully into the ring, sprang lightly upon two black horses, and were off around the narrow circle like the wind, now together, now apart, performing all the while marvellous feats of strength and skill.

Hercules trips me up to him daintily, and tweaks him by the ear.

But having washed his hands at a pump in the scullery, and dried them on a roller-towelwith no sense that the apparatus was deficienthe tucked his hat under his arm and, handling his snuff-box, tripped after her as hastily as vanity and an elegant demeanour permitted.

Dorn tripped him heavily, and he had scarcely struck the ground when that steel transfixed his bulging throat.

Notes of these examinations and of a trip inland were made, which cannot here be referred to more particularly.

The average working man is not half the age of the ripe politicians and judges and lawyers and wealthy organisers who trip him up legally, accuse him of bad faith, mark his every inconsistency.

As they entered the park of Theobalds, however, they found their tongues, and Gillian became loud in her admiration of the beautiful glades that opened before them, and of the dappled denizens of the wood that tripped lightsomely across the sward, or hurried towards the thickets.

Like a television talk-show host tripping loquaciously on industrial-strength amphetamines, it rattles noisily on, uncaring of the quiet interjections about sanitation, infant mortality, unreported police atrocities, tribal communities flooded out of their homes.

But last winter, when I arrived at Bright Angel in the middle of January, there was no snow in sight, and the ground was dry, greatly to my disappointment, for I had made the trip mainly to see the cañon in its winter garb.

But they were obliged to keep to the lane, where walking was difficult, and meantime Patsy and Beth were tripping easily along their woodland paths and making much better progress.

She hesitates an instant, and casts a startled glance over the crowd of onlookers, then trips modestly down the steps.

Shortly after the expedition crossed the border-line between South Australia and West Australia, Mr. Leech, one of the responsible officers, was despatched on a fruitless trip northward to search for traces of the ill-fated Gibson, who had perished with Giles some seventeen years previously.

" Jane tripped away obediently, her griefs assuaged by the mere telling of them, and Esther passed into the house by way of the veranda.

Such a selfish reason trips Oddly from a woman's lips.

51 adverbs to describe how to  trip  - Adverbs for  trip
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