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68 adverbs to describe how to trotting

Two-legged folk often had to trot pretty briskly to keep up.

She made no answer, just trotted steadily on.

Presently she circled the corral, trotting swiftly and crowding closely against the fence.

Steinmetz had thrown the bridle of the straying horse over his arm, and the animal trotted obediently by the side of the fidgety little Cossacks.

"Well, now, dear me!" said Mrs. Twitchel, while her knitting-needles trotted contentedly to the mournful tone of her voice,"I was tellin' the Deacon, if we only could get there!

The cur was Lobo for that little pack, and after a short parley, he lifted his nose high and started away without looking back, while the other dogs silently trotted after him.

" Sir Edward laughed unbelievingly, and Milly trotted upstairs to be received with open arms by nurse at the nursery door.

"Here comes the one who will be able to explain the precious gift you sent, mother," said Kurt. Lippo, trotting cheerfully into the room, had bright red cheeks from his walk.

"The sun was, may be, an hour high, when lookin' along the line of marked trees, I saw a black animal come trotting mighty softly towards the trap I was watchin'.

Oliver trotted downstairs and took a load of clothes from Jennifer.

Then she trotted sedately on to her delayed recitation, and Miss Anderson and the scowling Ada followed more slowly.

As we trot smartly away, I turn round in the carriage and look at them through my tears.

After that day it was all up with Bob, for I told my neighbors Joe's story, and we kept him trotting busily, adding little gifts, and taking the sort of interest in him that comforted the lonely fellow, and made him feel that he had not outlived his usefulness.

" Eliot went on grumbling while Colin trotted happily beside them.

It proved a hard job, running over that rough road in the dark, while the pony trotted tirelessly, but I got those chains unfastened, one at a time, and then the shelf settled naturally down into position.

Kit called, and Bob, trotting away deliberately, got the sheep together and drove them correctly through the holes.

They trotted along bravely, as little as they were, and kept close togetheras if they sought protection.

It set her quivering with a strange new excitementsomething that may have been a new hope, and in the moonlight she trotted nervously up and down the shining strip of sand, facing now the north, and now the south, and then the east and the westher head flung up, listening, as if in the soft wind of the night she was trying to locate the whispering lure of a wonderful voice.

Even the tiny acolytes trotting gravely in the funeral processions had their heads and shoulders shrouded in the prevailing hooded capes.

Of course there is something impressive in the posthumous fame of these two men of genius collecting in their wake a crowd of adoring respectabilities, like the people in the German story who touch the magic spear carried by the young hero, and are unable to withdraw their hands, but trot grotesquely behind their conqueror through street and market-place.

And while his directions were being obeyed he trotted heavily up the length of the barroom and out the swinging doors.

As my horse trotted slowly homeward, he overtook Neb, who was walking towards Clawbonny, with an air so different from his customary manner, I could not help remarking it.

" CHAPTER V Tellier Takes a Hand The Prince continued his walk to the limits of the beach, with Jax trotting humbly at his heels; then he returned slowly to the hotel and mounted to his apartment.

But when night came he invariably trotted over to Shoop's cabin and slept on the veranda.

A long gray line detached itself from the woods; mounted officers, sashed and debonaire, trotted jauntily out in front of it; the beautiful battle flags slanted forward; there came a superb, long, low-swinging gleam of steel; and the Southland was afoot once more, gallant, magnificent, sweeping recklessly on into the red gloom of the Northern guns.

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