315 adverbs to describe how to try

Vainly you try reason in chains to keep; Freely it moves as fish sweeps through the deep.

Donkeys, dogs, rats, everything indeed in the way of flesh, had been consumed; even boot leather, the straps of native bedsteads, and mimosa gum did not come amiss to the sorely-tried garrison.

The props had been severely tried in the two previous attacks, and I was sorely afraid that this would prove too much for them.

But, despite Beltane's strong hand, desperately though he tried, Black Roger fell back, groaning.

The conductor in her becoming uniform was most reprehensible, and her evident satisfaction in her job suggested to her critics that she merely was trying to play a melodramatic part "as a war hero."

[Footnote: The Mormons repeatedly tried to secure the admission of Deseret into the Union as a State under that namesaid to mean "virtue and industry.

Sweet, pleading letters which he read over and over and honestly tried to be better: but it was only for her sake; he knew no higher motiveyet.

It is the balance between human industries and human needs which I hold for my part of the world, and which others are continually trying to wrest from me, and which I must keep by all means, fair or foul.

She gave no sound and had unsuccessfully tried to swallow her rising tears, but they had got the better of her and were falling over her cheeks in a steady stream.

Mr Borges in his reply offered practical solutions which he himself had tried out successfully.

"There may be differences, sometimes, between classmates, but there isn't a midshipman in the Navy who would deliberately try to drown a comrade.

So for a little while the Bradleys were not a happy familyalthough they tried bravely not to show it, even to each other.

She tried conscientiously, to do and be exactly what Lydia Sessions seemed to want.

What man in his darkness and sinfulness has feebly been trying to utter in every nation from the beginning, that God has formulated and written down for him in the great Catholic religion of the Word made Flesh Which he may read that binds the sheaf Or builds the house, or digs the grave, And those wild eyes that watch the wave In roarings round the coral reef.

Time gnaws an English gravestone with wonderful appetite; and when the inscription is quite illegible, the sexton takes the useless slab away, and perhaps makes a hearthstone of it, and digs up the unripe bones which it ineffectually tried to memorialize, and gives the bed to another sleeper.

Mindful of His presence and majesty should we not try earnestly to bless His Holy name and to free our hearts from vain, evil and wandering thoughts?

Marriage is terribly trying.

I feel strong desires to be wholly given up to serve my great Lord and Master, and that I may above all things become qualified for his service; but the baptisms through which I have to pass are many, and exceedingly trying to the natural part.

"It was, on the part of the Cabinet, one of those acts the merit of which is only perceived afterward, and in which the Government bears the weight of the evil at the moment when it is trying most sincerely and courageously to repress it.

Just at present I am in a low valley, and consequently the heat is somewhat trying, but in another fortnight I expect I shall be complaining of it being a little bit too cold, at an elevation of 10,000 and odd.

" "I don't see how you and Aunt Faith could wear the same clothes, she's so much taller than you are," said Bob, obviously trying to put two and two together in his mind.

I felt strangely confused, and, instinctively, tried to ward off the thing that licked.

Love does not stay put, no matter how hard folks try to keep it put.

They were not near me at dinner, but afterward I tried to talk to them a little.

Two or three times he took it up and seemingly reached for the banana, but in no case did he try persistently to strike it and knock it from the string.

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