33 adverbs to describe how to twas

Again 'twas silencewhen from out the gloom She saw, with awe-struck eye, a phantom glide: 'Twas Henry's form!what pencil shall presume To paint her horror!HENRY AS HE DIED!

He turned it over in his hand, poising it in his palm like a great flourishing lamp of light, and asked if 'twas likely that two common sailor-men should hawk a stone like that.

Yet the storm rose till 'twas very plain that we were in a raging sea, and the streams which began to trickle through the joinings of the hatch showed that water had got below.

Then comedy was faultless, but 'twas coarse: Cobb's tankard was a jest, and Otter's horse.

80 IX "Sir! 'twas a precious flock to me, As dear as my own children be; For daily with my growing store I loved my children more and more.

But 'twas not long ere the soil was broke By the jeering head of an infant oak!

Erminia yet is hardly brought to yield; She wants but some encouragement from you, That may assist her weakness to subdue, And 'twas but faintly she deny'd to see you.

I shall say nothing of the foulness of this place, because 'twas too foul to be written on paper; and if 'twas foul at starting, 'twas ten times worse when we reached open sea, for of all the prisoners only Elzevir

Since 'twas my hap thus happily to meet, To be a witness of this sweet contract, I do rejoice; wherefore, to have this joy Longer present with me, I do request That all of you will be my promis'd guests: This long night's labour doth desire some rest, Besides this wished end; therefore, I pray, Let me detain ye but a dinner time: Tell me, I pray, shall I obtain so much?

" "I thought that 'twas in mockery," continued the boy, when he saw by the eye of the young captain that he had read the quotation; 'for 'twas very like, though more prettily worded, than that which I had said, myself!"

When Bishop Berkeley said there was no matter, And proved it, 'twas no matter what he said, is as cogent a refutation of idealism as the cumbrous wit of Scotch logicians.

Now, whether our great distraction of mind gave us a haggard and sickly aspect, or whether 'twas merely the suspicion and hardness of heart bred in all people by terror, I cannot tell; but no one would take us in, some saying flatly they would receive no lodgers they did not know, and know to be sound.

why twas as muche As the untyinge of hys codpeyce poynte, Almost the rem in re! for whyle he stoode Constant to my dyrectyons all was well, But, those abandond, then,harte!

Didst hear something stir hereabout?" "Nay, 'twas naught

" "Well, you may do as you'm a-minded 'bout 'avin' it," says Mrs. Izod; "but no more ain't beer what 'twas neether, come to that.

Aye, so 'tis, begad!on'y seven licensed 'ousesan' I do mind when 'twas pretty nigh one man one pub, as the sayin' is.

By the time the judges passed homeward 'twas all dark, only the blind showin' white by the street lamp opposite.

Well, fust along we had it, why, I thought 'twas simply prime!

After all 'twas scarcely a marriage, for, within an hour after the ceremony, the elderly bridegroom was alone in his travelling coach on his way to Madrid, sent thither at the instant and urgent command of the King on important private business connected with the Family Compact.

I know he thinks but slightingly of the ecclesiasticrecollect that 'twas the disappointed ambition and the unrelenting commands of Charles Maurice Talleyrand's parents which made him what he is!

"Howsomever, Doctor, there wa'n't no smooth sailin' nor fair weather with the cap'en; 'twas always squally in his latitude, and I begun to get mutinous and think of desartin'.

Cursedly twas got, And nowe thy curse goes with it.

I tell you 'twas jolly, though; and, when I found that Juanita was all right, I felt like dancing and crying in the same minute.

That Title justly to his Sword was due; 'Twas nobly gain'd, and worth his Blood and Toils, Had he been satisfied with noble Spoils:

The Reverend Mr. TUBB was there, A praying very slow; It was a solemn, sad affair; Twas plain

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