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Then Miss Abigail, twisting the edge of her apron nervously, spoke: "Much obliged to you I be in behalf o' all the sisters, Brother Abe an' ter Angy tew.

He seemed to be approaching middle age; there were faint traces of grey in his pointed beard and upward-twisted moustaches; he carried his years, however, in very jaunty fashion, and his white Homburg hat, ornamented with a blue ribbon, was set at a rakish angle on the side of his close-cropped head.

" He got out his pen-knife, loosened two or three of the staples which held the wire in place, drew it out, scraped back the insulation, and twisted the ends tightly together.

As long as these islands have been known, more than three centuries, the skin of the Negritos has been dark brown, almost black, their hair short and spirally twisted, and just as long has the skin of the Indios been brownish, in various shades, relatively clear, and the hair has been long and arranged in wavy locks.

Releasing his hold on the man's throat, he seized the knife arm with his left hand and twisted sharply, at the same time driving his right fist into the man's face.

It was startling enough to scare the soul out of a man, but I held fast and was just about to step forward, when my collar was twisted tight from behind.

" He leant back and hastily twisted one of the carriage-lamps round in its socket so as to show a light behind him towards the newcomer.

His fingers convulsively twisted a torn scrap of bunting; his shoulders heaved.

By far the most abundant was the little bundle of silicious rods, fastened together loosely at one end, separating from one another at the other end, and the whole bundle loosely twisted into a spindle.

To start an injector of the Pemberthy type; first give it sufficient steam to lift the water, allowing the water to escape at overflow for a moment or long enough to cool the injector, then with a quick turn shut off and open up the supply which requires merely a twist of the wrist.

In his left hand he held a string of small coral beads, a comboloio which he twisted backwards and forwards during the greater part of the visit.

Mr. Grimm sat with his elbows on his knees, idly twisting a seal ring on his little finger.

His moustache, also black but streaked with grey, was twisted upwards.

The next instant two heavy hands fell on Roy's shoulders and he felt himself twisted violently about.

It was painfully twisted to one side and lay limp on the sand.

It might be only imagination, but he believed he could actually feel the hot breath of the pursuing beast on his legs as he twisted around that tree so awkwardly.

Choking and coughing he writhed in his chairhis emaciated limbs twisted grotesquely; his sallow face bathed in perspiration his claw-like hands opening and closing; his bloodless lips curled back from his yellow teeth, in a horrid grin of impotent fury.

He glared at me, made a sign to me to sit still, twisted his moustache savagely, and listened, breathing through his mouth to avoid the tell-tale whistle of his hairy nostrils.

Her plump white hands dexterously twisted and secured the long burnished coil.

The dress of this beauty was like that of the women in the pasha's harem, but instead of the small turban, she wore a white muslin cloth lightly twisted round the head, which she could also draw over her face as a veil.

His eyes drooped, half-closed beneath blond brows; a long wiry hand lazily twisted a rather affected blond moustache, his voice drawled his speech in a manner either insufferably condescending and impertinent, or ineffably tired,who could tell which?

Twice he pricked me deep enough to draw blood, before I succeeded in twisting backward the arm with which he held the blade.

It may have been this strange alternation of heat and cold that disturbed the tramp in his dreams, for he struggled tor a moment with the snow that covered him, like a man who finds himself twisted uncomfortably in the bed-clothes, and then sat up with staring, questioning eyes.

Before they reached the weapon, he twisted her aside so cruelly that a flame of pain ran down her spine.

Planchette put the skin between the metal plates, and, proud of his new invention, he energetically twisted the crank.

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