108 adverbs to describe how to tying

" After breakfast the Boy tied Nig up securely behind Keith's shack, and followed the Colonel about with a harassed and watchful air.

He is often a small, dark, muscular man who began life as a day-labourer in the highly-cultivated fields of the Deccan and has journeyed to the city with his modest savings tightly tied up in his waist-cloth in the hope of eventually cutting as big a figure in the village home as does his friend Arjuna, who some years ago returned to his village as a capitalist and is even now the bosom-friend of the Patel.

Time.2-1/2 hours to boil the peas, tied loosely in the cloth; 1 hour for the pudding.

To mould the walls, the frames they firmly tie; The toiling builders beat the earth and lime.

With an almost comic change of tone and manner the priest turned to the table where the lamp stood, among piles of neatly tied-up and docketed papers.

Can a man who calls himself a Christian, coolly and deliberately tie up, thumb-screw, torture with pincers, and beat unmercifully a poor slave, for perhaps a trifling neglect of duty?p. 14.

Wash the rice, tie it in a cloth, allowing room for it to swell, and put it into a saucepan of cold water; let it boil for an hour, then take it up, untie the cloth, stir in the fruit, and tie it up again tolerably tight, and put it into the water for the remainder of the time.

It was filled half full of books and papers, and half full of canvas bags tied safely and securely around and around with cords of string.

He placed the dagger in his belt and hastily tying the captive's hands behind his back, he motioned to his companions to follow, and struck into a narrow and almost undistinguishable path.

That is to say, it will thenor what is left of itbe invested with the rest of his capital, which is all strictly tied up.

This will arise, either from the cord being carelessly tied, or from its being unusually large at birth, and in a few hours shrinking so much that the ligature no longer sufficiently presses on the vessels.

These lacerating stirrups are tied up short to the saddle, and the knees of the rider are bent forwards in a very ungainly manner.

Forty-eight more scrolls, resplendent with silver knobs and coquettishly tied with purple cord, reposed in an adjoining book-case; the forty-eight books, manifestly, of the Panopolitan bard's Dionysiaca.

They had barely time to tie their mounts outside and enter the pen, when four of us slipped in behind them and changed the programme a trifle.

It arrived rather like the peremptory order of a newly-gazetted and bewildered subaltern, who, having got his platoon hopelessly tied up, falls back on the time-honoured and usually infallible "Carry on, Sergeant.

The little brown cottage at Cambridge, Pa., is the place to call to have the marriage-knot promptly and strongly tied.

Now above the mantel-piece, that is to say, to the left of it, and fastened to the wall, was a length of rope cunningly tied into what is called a "running bowline," above this, on a shelf specially contrived to hold it, was the model of a full-rigged ship that wasto all appearancesmaking excellent way of it, with every stitch of canvas set and drawing, alow and aloft; above this again, was a sextant, and a telescope.

CHAPTER XIV The close of the performance left them both curiously tongue-tied.

Flavia colour'd her Hair before me, Celia shew'd me her Teeth, Panthea heaved her Bosom, Cleora brandished her Diamonds; I have seen Cloe's Foot, and tied artificially the Garters of Rhodope.

"Oh, I am so sorry!" One of the shots had grazed the skin and made a nasty cut, which was plastered up with sticking-plaster and clumsily tied with a handkerchief.

Barges of the river planters were tied alongshore, and about the "tavernes" were horses, carts and a very few more pretentious vehicles.

I found her all in a heap in the corner, two dusters and a wash-cloth in one blue-veined hand, and a broom in the other; an old corn-colored silk handkerchief knotted over her hair,her hair is black, and the effect was good,and her little brown calico apron-string literally tied to the baby, who was shrieking at the end of his tether because he could just not reach the kitten and throw her into the fire.

Clotilde, keeping on her spotted white muslin, merely tied on over her curls a large straw hat adorned with a bunch of lilacs; and she looked charming, with her large eyes and her complexion of milk-and-roses under the shadow of its broad brim.

The shoulders were square and carried well back, the head was round, with close-cut hair, the straight-falling coat was buttoned high, and the fashionable collar, with a black satin cravat, beautifully tied and relieved with a rich pearl pin, set another unexpected but singularly charmful detail to an aggregate of apparently irreconcilable characteristics.

It was a branch of ash of good size, ornamented with a rustic bouquet and a bunch of ribands, not very skilfully tied.

108 adverbs to describe how to  tying  - Adverbs for  tying
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