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9 adverbs to describe how to « undeceive »

9 adverbs to describe how to « undeceive »

  • Eveena, however, quickly undeceived me, pointing out the prevalence of certain plants peculiar to the cultivated pastures we had seen in the plain.
  • Her heart leaped with only a momentary hope when she saw the direction, but instantly she undeceived herself.
  • I cannot call to mind half his pleasant wonders; but I perfectly remember, that in the course of his travels he had seen a phoenix; and he obligingly undeceived us of the vulgar error, that there is but one of that species at a time, assuring us that they were not uncommon in some parts of Upper Egypt.
  • So, if this treatise about the rights of the church should prove to be the work of a man steady in his principles, of exact morals, and profound learning, a true lover of his country, and a hater of Christianity, as what he really believes to be a cheat upon mankind, whom he would undeceive purely for their good; it might be apt to check unwary men, even of good dispositions towards religion.
  • Before long they all discovered that I was very prone to such scrapes; I dropped a very nice hat down the well, which, for fear of its spoiling the water, they spent a great deal of time in fishing upI fell from the mow, but fortunately sustained no injury; and Sylvia one day caught me skimming off the creaman amusement which I considered very innocent, but she speedily undeceived me.
  • For a moment it seemed as if, after the Romans had entered upon the Carthaginian heritage and had sufficiently undeceived the expectation cherished here and there among the Spaniards that after the close of the Phoenician rule they would get rid of their Roman guests also and regain their ancient freedom, a general insurrection against the Romans would break forth in Spain, in which the former allies of Rome would take the lead.
  • Instead of seizing the opportunity to frankly undeceive her he foolishly evaded the subject.
  • But unfortunately, the result will undeceive you, and you will then be the first to laugh at the importance with which you treated so silly an affair.
  • But a few minutes miserably undeceived them.

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