8 adverbs to describe how to underrated

I would merely remark in passing that in Great Britain at least those possibilities seem to me to be enormously underrated.

I submit, with all deference, that we have heretofore underrated the natives.

He expected this, and was even disappointed that his eyes could not command more, for he now saw that he had materially underrated the distance between the crater and the Peak, which must be nearer sixty than fifty miles.

She had borne him seven children, three of whom died; of the sons were Wilhelm Friedemann, the father's favourite, and Karl Philipp Emanuel, whom the world long preferred to Sebastian himself, and whom later times spitefully underrate.

As an author he was strangely underrated by his fellow-countrymen.

Holding this in one hand, John Charteris spoke, honestly: "Rudolph, I had a trifle underrated your resources.

It may perhaps be thought that she unconsciously underrates her influence over her husband, though there can be no doubt that he was one of those men whom it is hardest to manage; wholly without self-reliance, yet with a scrupulous wish to do right that made him distrustful of others, even, of those whose advice he sought, or whose judgment he most highly valued.

In James Herne's sadly underrated play, Griffith Davenport, we were always conscious of "Mr. Lincoln" in the background; and the act in which Governor Morton of Indiana brought the President's instructions to Davenport might fairly be called an obligatory scene, inasmuch as it gave us the requisite sense of personal nearness to the master-spirit, without involving any risk of belittlement through imperfections of representation.

8 adverbs to describe how to  underrated  - Adverbs for  underrated