22 adverbs to describe how to unfortunate

On one occasion her choice of a confidante was singularly unfortunate.

Colonel Williams was killed, Generals Lee and Butler severely woundedthe latter losing his footand General Stuart's staff had been peculiarly unfortunate.

With the tips of his long fingers held lightly together in front of him, and swaying slightly backward and forward upon the balls of his feet, he smiled benignly down upon the customer and the barber's assistant as if these witnesses were merely unfortunate in not being able to disclose to the jury all the facts.

But perchance it is needful to bewail the lot of those who are undeservedly unfortunate, a lot which is now mine.

However, in fairness both to them and to their rivals, it must be said that at the period of our story Mr. Phillips seemed for some time past to have been unusually unfortunate in his elder boys: they were undoubtedly "cads," and the character of the whole establishment, as far as the scholars were concerned, naturally yielded to the influence of its leaders.

What you thought you heard that day in 1911, when I missed a six-inch putt, was only "Yam," which is a Thibetan expression meaning "How dreadfully unfortunate!"

" "That is eminently unfortunate," returned the baron, with his imperturbable smile, "for I am universally considered to be the most amusing of mortals,if, indeed, I am mortal at all, which I sometimes doubt.

We then asked if it had been possible to save any of our effects; and were answered, yes, but that they were a good prize; we could not understand this answer, but it was repeated to us, and we learnt for the first time that we were at war with Frenchmen, because we had been excessively unfortunate.

Quite apart from the scandal of their inelegant domesticities, the establishment of the Czar and Czarina in England with frequent and easy access to our royal family may be extraordinarily unfortunate for the British monarchy.

At the Imperial Theater, where I spent my financially unfortunate season in April 1903, I gave my son a free hand.

But he who doubts and searches not is at the same time a grievous wrongdoer, and a grievously unfortunate man.

It's confoundedly unfortunate Markeld couldn't have left his dog at home!

"How horribly unfortunate!

" "That man must be somewhat idiotic," said the Doctor; "in fact, all those lancers are what we mildly term unfortunates.

Our military and naval expeditions in the Northwest were, however, remarkably unfortunate in that war.

Boston seems to be specially unfortunate.

These Acts were perhaps only what is called natural, but it must be owned that they were also terribly unfortunate.

"No, Mr. Hooper; if they were to stay up all night, go without eats and work twenty-five hours a day they couldn't do any" And just then the end of the too-much inclined crutch skated outward and the habitually unfortunate girl dropped kerplunk on the floor.

The first of thesethat nearest to the cathedral and the most striking as seen from the distant earthis called John the Baptist, always a favourite subject with this sculptor, who, since he more than any at that thoughtful time endeavoured to discover and disclose the secret of character, is curiously unfortunate in the accident that has fastened names to these figures.

It's a damnably unfortunate state of affairs, that's all.

Mr. Whedell received Chiffield with his heartiest grip, and inflicted only a mild squeeze on the hand of Maltboy, whose appearance at that time he considered decidedly unfortunate.

This result was unfortunate for both parties, but was doubly unfortunate for America, because her mode of making the issue told in her enemy's favor.

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