47 adverbs to describe how to unhappy

She, too, would be dreadfully unhappy if I permitted her to realize that our marriage was a mistake.

"Why should I?" "She's desperately unhappy.

" "It'll make her frightfully unhappy.

And she's been awfully unhappy about it, because of you.

Keats was now exceedingly unhappy.

" "Rudolph would be terribly unhappy," she reflected.

Yet they were kind to me at the warehouse and that I suffered and was miserably unhappy, no one noticed.

"It is not very heroic," continued Chastenay, "and yet I care more for Froment than for anyone on earth, and his fate makes me wretchedly unhappy.

"I am bitterly unhappy these dayslonely, as I have never been before.

I should be utterly unhappy if you didn'tI'll get my hat.

Patsy knew why, and was amused that Mumbles showed his gratitude to Mr. Jones for rescuing him from the crab; but Wampus scowled and was distinctly unhappy all the way to Old Town.

How often long travels undertaken for pleasure make a man downright unhappy; because the absence of anything that can be called occupation forces him, as it were, out of his right element.

For a month or two Anglice was wildly unhappy in her new home.

The memory of her nephew, and the thought that she had not been able to render him these honours, made her doubly unhappy, and she felt as if he were being buried with Virginia.

As I crossed Paris with the drunken Diaz leaning clumsily against my shoulder, I was profoundly unhappy.

The generous Man, in the ordinary acceptation, without respect to the Demands of his own Family, will soon find, upon the Foot of his Account, that he has sacrificed to Fools, Knaves, Flatterers, or the deservedly Unhappy, all the Opportunities of affording any future Assistance where it ought to be.

But anything so negatively unhappy as silence is the least of one's bores.

Perhaps no onenot even Mrs. Merrickwas so unhappy in consequence of the lamentable crime that had been committed as Diana Von Taer.

She has a heart for every one, is ready to help every one, and is by every one beloved, yet her lot is most painfully unhappy, and ends in an early death.

And Zara, quite crushed with her anxiety and sorrow about Mirko, and passionately unhappy at Tristram's treatment of her, once more returned to her lonely room.

He left the place, determined but physically unhappy.

For a time he seemed, if not happy, not positively unhappy; but, after a few years, Mrs. P. fell into the habit of drinking, and then such scenes as you witnessed grew frequent.

"I am your ridiculously unhappy ward," answered the Flowerpot, tremulously.

I am sure she has had a rottenly unhappy life.

First of all, A Man should always consider how much he has more than he wants; and Secondly, How much more unhappy he might be than he really is.

47 adverbs to describe how to  unhappy  - Adverbs for  unhappy