56 words to describe how to  verifying  - Adverbs for  verifying

56 words to describe how to verifying

AFP was not able to independently verify the group’s claim.

In brief, fewer opportunities were accepted to make runs by a much larger percentage than was the case with the New York club, which can easily be verified by a careful study of the scores of the two teams as they opposed one another, and as they played against the other clubs of the league.

A presentiment flashed into her mind and weighed upon her heart as she looked, a presentiment which was quickly verified, for the man on the other side of the beautiful woman rose and looked round the house, and Ida saw that it was Stafford.

A few months later we find the charge to foreign labor renewed, with intimation of the wide field in which he would have to work; an intimation which was amply verified in his future travels.

verified, empirically true, experimentally verified, substantiated, proven (demonstrated) 478.

This dream of the mother was afterwards but too truly verified in the cruelty of the son.

This prophecy was subsequently verified.

But all this passed through my mind in a flash, almost subconsciously, and before I had time to check my impressions, or even properly verify them, I made an involuntary movement, catching the tight rope in my hand so that it twanged like a banjo string, and in that instant the creature turned the corner of Sangree's tent and was gone into the darkness.

Actually, it was me that found the cure, and my team merely verified it, but they verified more thoroughly and more quickly than any cure has ever been verified before.

His words were speedily verified, and the next moment two more figures entered the playground, the object of their visit being at once made evident by the fact that one of them was carrying a bucket.

"Now it has been proved by exact calculationswhich calculations I have personally verified-that the chance that the print of a single finger of any given person will be exactly like the print of the same finger of any other given person is as one to sixty-four thousand millions.

How strikingly has this passage been verified in the course of Lewis!

Other supposed hybrids have been found between the marginal shield and the spinulose fern and its variety intermèdium, and with Goldie's fern; also between the crested fern, including Clinton's variety and each of the others mentioned; and, in fact, between almost all pairs of species of the wood ferns, although we do not think they have been positively verified.

"I would like to apprise you that the government of India is creating a web portal where people can verify facts and unverified news promptly.

Actually, it was me that found the cure, and my team merely verified it, but they verified more thoroughly and more quickly than any cure has ever been verified before.

Twice during the day they verified their course by information received once from a range rider and once from a man in a dusty buck-board.

But it is questionable whether there be any dealers in whose case this hypothesis is exactly verified; and to the great majority it is not applicable at all.

The conclusion of his career was thus related to Mrs. Forster by Sir Thomas Lawrence:'Your sad presage has been too fatally verified; the last duties have just been paid to the lamented Mr. Bonington.

Dido was amazed at Aeneas' presence; Obstupuit primo aspectu Sidonia Dido; and as he feelingly verified out of his experience; [4908] "Quam ego postquam vidi, non ita amavi ut sani solent Homines, sed eodem pacto ut insani solent.

Due to the nature of this tool, the model can be updated as new long non-protein coding transcripts are identified and functionally verified.

Kurilla gravely verified these facts.

he had so recently quitted full of health, and animated by an anxious desire to do all in his power to conduce to the general success; but were ere long assured by Mr. Bynoe, whose personal or professional merits need no eulogium from meand who immediately and most carefully attended our wounded messmatethat the best results might be reasonably hoped for: a prediction shortly afterwards happily verified.

To this Lanyard, hastily verifying her statement by running an eye through the passport, found nothing more appropriate than a wondering "Mon dieu!"

His teaching enabled him to verify the value of his axioms hourly, in the order of facts and to confirm the truth of his observations.

Subsequent experience literally verified this opinion.)

The next year, she manually verified the calculations that plotted John Glenn's orbits around the planet, with the computer-sceptical astronaut insisting she "check the numbers" before the launch.

This week the folks at Intel revealed a refresh of the Acer Swift 5 and Acer Swift 3. Acer’s Swift 5 was newly verified as an Intel Evo platform notebook, and both the Swift 3 and Swift 5 were given access to 11th Gen Intel Core Processors.

Their initial priority would be to look for evidence of a rocket attack and to verify the images online.

Today, agency agreements are used to permanently verify employees.

Can the deputy minister tell us that under the new licensing process, does the department proactively verify information, or does the department put the onus on each air ambulance service provider to submit information?

As he could not publicly verify the suggestion of the impertinent small boy, he buttoned his coat tightly about him.

The joining of hands was punctiliously verified, the circle was linked little finger to little finger.

The test of the three vehicles reportedly verified the accuracy and reliability of the weapon system, providing valuable data to ensure a continued nuclear deterrent.

An instance at once of his pensive turn of mind, and his cheerfulness of temper, appeared in a little story which he himself told to Mr. Langton, when they were walking in his garden: 'Here (said he) I had put a handsome sun-dial, with this inscription, Eheu fugaces![206] which (speaking with a smile) was sadly verified, for by the next morning my dial had been carried off.

This is strictly verified in my case.

The statements made in my last annual message respecting the anticipated receipts and expenditures of the Treasury have been substantially verified.

The amazing sequel to this strange story is that within the six years allotted by the prophecy, every detail thereof was verified absolutely.

Thirdly, as to the prophecies which concern various nations,some of them are remarkably verified, as that against Babylon; others failed, as those of Ezekiel concerning Nebuchadnezzar's wars against Tyre and Egypt.

This prediction relative to himself became unfortunately verified; for his constitution, after this, began to decline, till at length his mortal destiny, in the eyes of his medical attendants, was sealed.

The pithy remark of Talleyrand, that "they had learned nothing and forgotten nothing," was abundantly verified.

How unhappily my anticipations were verified, will be seen hereafter.

Unpacks and accurately verifies all incoming merchandise, steaming where necessary and removing excess tags in a timely manner.

I compared my observations with the almanac of Giovanni da Monteregio, which was composed for the meridian of the city of Ferrara, verifying them with the calculations in the tables of King Alfonso, and, afterward, with the many observations I had myself made one night with another.

Always the light verified the presence of Paredes ahead of them.

"Every word which I have written," he says, "has been drawn from original and contemporary sources; and if I have quoted facts or expressions from second-hand authors, it has never been without attentively verifying the original or completing the text.

Credit card numbers are now verified automatically by Livery Coach as our agents enter them, but expiry dates or billing addresses could be incorrect and therefore causing the card to decline.

For this willingness he released him in so far as not to kill nor disenfranchise him; but he carefully verified all his statements by tortures and regarded as of no value his existing reputation.

On the one hand, he speaks as an eye-witness of Titian's old age, and is careful to record the exact year he visited Venice and the age of the painter; on the other hand, he makes a bald statement which he certainly cannot have verified, and which is inconsistent with his own experience!

This remark, constantly verified then, will be much more important in the campaign now pending, in which these streams will, of course, be navigated by steam.

The Forest Fire Danger Rating is verified daily and is updated whenever the rating changes.